Monster Hunter Rise – 7 Tips For Beginners

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Monster Hunter Rise is equal parts challenging and fun, offering players the opportunity to take on the role of a hunter and defeat various fearsome monsters.

The game is packed with content, but it can also overwhelm newer players. Today, we’re helping those players with some tips when starting their playthrough.

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Here are 7 crucial tips that will help beginners just starting out in Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise

7. Fully Explore Areas During Hunts

The first thing beginners in Monster Hunter Rise should know to do is to fully explore the different areas available to them in the game. Not only will this help them find valuable resources, but they’ll also discover loads of new monsters to hunt. 

Crossing certain plants and minerals can help give your character a jumpstart, allowing you to craft new weapons and armor. You can even stumble across mining spots where you can find ore and bones. These resources are crucial for crafting new equipment, potions, and other items to help you on your hunts. If you are just starting out in Monster Hunter Rise, you should check out the following areas:

  • Shrine Ruins: Offers resources like bone, wyvern bone, and bug, and features monsters like the Great Izuchi, Izuchi, and Mizutsune.
  • Frost Islands: Offers resources like snow herb, ice crystal, and Dragonite ore. It also features monsters like Barioth and Tigrex.
  • Sandy Plains: Offers resources like monster bone, earth crystal, and monster fluid. It also features monsters like Diablos and Great Jaggi.
  • Flooded Forest: A new area with resources like water sac, monster bone, and Dragonite ore. It also features monsters like Royal Ludroth and Barroth.

Exploring these areas will also help you learn the layout of the different zones, which will make navigation and traversal a lot easier and more efficient. This brings us to our next important tip!

6. Take Time To Master Movement

Understanding movement, and general traversal is vital in the Monster Hunter series. You won’t last long against the goliath enemies the game throws at you if you haven’t mastered the art of dodging. With the addition of features such as the Wirebug, movement is arguably more critical in Monster Hunter Rise than in any entry before.

The Wirebug is a new tool in the series that allows players to zap around the map quickly and easily. You can use it for various purposes, such as climbing to high places, crossing wide gaps, and, most importantly, evading monster attacks. Understanding how to use the Wirebug effectively will help make your hunts more successful and fun.

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5. Don’t Overlook Optional Subquests

Once you’ve packed your gear and gotten the hang of movement, we’re sure you’ll be raring to go and hunt some monsters in the main quest. That’s great, but we’re here to tell you not to overlook many of the optional subquests you can take along your way. 

Hinoa and Minoto are the key quest-givers in the game. Both sisters offer optional subquests, smaller tasks you can complete within any full-length quest. Players can queue up to five subquests simultaneously.

These quests act as small challenges that can reward you with valuable resources, such as armor spheres, which can boost the defense of individual armor pieces. They typically involve simple tasks you can complete in tandem with the main quests, such as collecting certain items, mining, or hunting specific monsters. This makes it beneficial to queue up on as many subquests as possible before going on a hunt.

4. Equip Different Gear For Different Hunts

Equipping your gear based on what type of monster you’re hunting is crucial, as each monster has its unique strengths and weaknesses. For example, if you’re hunting a fire-based monster, it would be wise to equip armor with high fire resistance. Similarly, if you’re hunting a monster with many physical attacks, you would be better off choosing armor with high physical defense stats.

You can also equip different weapons and charms with specific elemental attributes or skills that would be useful in the hunt. Similarly, stacking up on healing items such as immunizers or utility items such as flash bombs will also boost your chances for a successful hunt.

3. Always Eat Dango Before A Hunt

Another important aspect to consider in preparing for any hunt is using Dango recipes. As you progress through the game, you will unlock new ingredients that can be mixed and matched to create beneficial buffs for the hunt ahead. 

It’s essential to use these in preparation for a hunt to gain an extra edge. Taking advantage of these buffs can make a big difference in your hunts and help new players challenge difficult quests.

2. Take Advantage Of Endemic Life

Along the way to your monster hunts, you’ll come across vibrant insects and creatures known as Endemic Life. These creatures are sought after highly because of the stat buffs they provide upon interaction. You can collect these buffs before engaging with a monster or collect certain Endemic Life to use as items during battle

To have a higher rate of success; it is essential to plot a course for each monster hunt that incorporates as many spawn points for Endemic Life as possible. This will become easy enough as Endemic Life respawns in the same locations every time.

1. Make Use Of Wyvern Riding

On top of being one of the coolest mechanics introduced in Monster Hunter Rise, Wyvern Riding is a handy ability that helps hunters not only gain an edge in battle but also gather materials while doing so. 

In short, Wyvern Riding allows you to mount monsters if you deal enough damage. Once you deal enough, the monster collapses, and you can attack it to start Wyvern Riding. This lets you puppet the monster, but more importantly, make it fight other monsters. When one monster hits another, it drops materials, making this an excellent tool for farming.

Additionally, when you hit the opposing monster enough, you’ll have the opportunity to perform a mounted punisher—a monster super attack! However, if the other monster hasn’t been mounted yet, you can instead launch your monster into it. This will instantly put the opposing monster into a mountable state, so you can climb on and repeat the process for even more materials up to a certain limit.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Monster Hunter Rise offers players a wide range of gameplay options and strategies to help them succeed in the game. Keeping all of these tips and strategies in mind will help players to become better hunters and have a much more enjoyable experience while playing the game. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / Last updated on 2023-09-26