Is the MW3 Vault Edition worth it?

Is the MW3 Vault Edition worth it?
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Wondering what the MW3 Vault Edition contains? With the marketing for Activision’s next CoD series installment starting to ramp up, fans are looking forward to getting their hands on MW3 to get all the goodies that buying it early brings.

Even though the Modern Warfare 3 release date is still quite far off, it’s safe to say the hype train is steadily starting to pick up pace – especially after the exciting MW3 Makarov reveal in early August. So if you want to know what type of content you can expect by purchasing the MW3 Vault Edition, we’ve got you covered here. Alongside that, you might be interested in learning about any MW3 pre orders.

MW3 Vault Edition featuring the Modern Warfare 2 Soap Operator Pack.
MW3 Vault Edition features the Modern Warfare 2 Soap Operator Pack.

MW3 Vault Edition confirmed content

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) Cross-Gen Bundle
  • Early access to Campaign and Open Beta
  • Immediate access to an accelerated Season 1 Blackcell battle pass
  • Nemesis Operator Pack (skins for Price, Warden, Ghost, and Makarov)
  • Two Weapon Vaults
  • Soap Operator Pack (usable in MW2, Warzone, and MW3)
  • +5 Battle Pass Tier Skips (PlayStation only)
A screenshot of the MW3 Vault Edition select your edition page.

Activision has now confirmed these details following the Shadow Siege Limited Time event kickoff. In addition to the goodies listed above, PlayStation players will be able to get an additional five battle pass tier skips for purchasing the Vault Edition. Alas, it seems this is only limited to the Sony gaming console, while Xbox and PC players will have to settle for the accelerated Blackcell battle pass instead.

The MW3 Vault Edition will contain several exclusive goodies, including early access to both the Open Beta and the Campaign, two new Weapon Vaults, access to an accelerated Blackcell Battle Pass, and the Nemesis Operator Pack. The latter should please hardcore CoD fans, as the bundle will allegedly contain skins for four operators. This includes Price, Ghost, Warden, and the infamous antagonist Makarov.

If you pre-purchase the MW3 Vault Edition, you can also get a Soap Operator pack. Once you get it, you’ll immediately be able to use it in MW2, and it will also carry forward to the next game. It’s essential to keep in mind, though, that these details haven’t been confirmed by Activision yet. So, as always, we recommend taking this in with a generous helping of salt until the publisher reveals it themselves. You can check out the rumoured contents for yourself here.

MW3 Vault Edition price

The premium MW3 Vault Edition will be priced at a whopping $99/£99/€109.99, much like its predecessor. But since it contains items that can’t be acquired through any other method, the content it offers justifies the cost. If you’re looking to save, you’ll always be able to opt for the cheaper Standard Edition, which will cost $69.99/£69.99/€79.99. You can pre-order MW3 from here and check out our dedicated MW3 pre-order guide.

Physical edition pre orders of MW3 can’t be upgraded to the Vault Edition

For some reason, largely unknown, physical edition pre orders of the latest Modern Warfare 3 game can not be upgraded to the Vault Edition. This was found in the pre order bonus and details blog post on

A black and white image of the MW3 Vault Edition.

Is the MW3 Vault Edition actually worth it?

If you see yourself playing MW3 from launch until the end of its life span, then the Vault Edition is worth it. There’s no better way to celebrate a CoD game’s release than with a few exclusive skins and an accelerated BP. And since these items are unlocked permanently as soon as the game drops, you can frag out in style immediately.

Two weapon vaults for MW3 Vault Edition.

However, if you only plan on playing sporadically, its eye-watering price tag may not be for you. Since the vault edition merely grants additional cosmetics and doesn’t improve the experience, we recommend casual CoD enthusiasts opt for the standard edition.

That’s all you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 Vault Edition contents, pricing, and whether it’s worth it. While you wait for the game to drop, check out our guides on the Modern Warfare 3 weapons list. If you want to know what you can get by getting it early, check out our MW3 pre-order page.