How to get stubs in MLB The Show 24 – earn in-game currency fast

How to get stubs in MLB The Show 24 – earn in-game currency fast
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Wondering how to get stubs in MLB The Show 24 quickly? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered. Stubs, being the only in-game currency, are very valuable. Whether for Diamond Dynasty or Road to the Show, they’re your way of spending to improve your player or your team. To do that, you need to have stubs and there are more than a few ways of getting them.

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How to get stubs quickly in MLB The Show 24

If you want stubs, all you have to do is play the game. Generally, Diamond Dynasty offers the most stubs as rewards. Each challenge and game you play will almost always have a stub reward. For example, I earned 500 stubs for doing the intro challenge for this mode. Nearly everything you do in this team-building mode has stubs attached, especially completing missions.

Showdown is a Diamond Dynasty challenge that many players love using because it gives them a lot of stubs. In it, you draft a team and create a lineup to run a gauntlet of very tough challengers. The further you make it, the better your rewards are and that means more stubs.

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Some goals can be repeated, such as Conquest Maps. If you play these and routinely take up a lot of territories, you can easily rack up loads of packs and stubs. You can also play the mini season championship, which is often a fairly lucrative endeavor. Stubs are generally applied the same regardless of if you’re on PS (PlayStation) consoles, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch.

There are also some other money-making methods. For example, every single card you earn can be sold for stubs. They are always available for quicksell for a specified value, but there can be bidding on a card that will fetch an even higher sum of stubs in MLB The Show 24. The better the card, the more money it’s worth, so you may consider parting with that diamond you just pulled.

However, Diamond Dynasty isn’t the only mode you can play to get stubs. In fact, every game mode offers a chance to get some. Each time you play anything, you earn some XP. That allows you to level up, and there are various level rewards. At certain level requirements, you get gifted a lump sum of the in-game currency.

Finally, the only other way to get stubs is to purchase them. Sony San Diego does allow you to buy packs of stubs, so if you want to spend some more real money on the game, the option is there. This is the quickest way to get them, but it’s far from the cheapest.

What do you use stubs for in MLB The Show 24?

The most common use of stubs is for packs in Diamond Dynasty. You can go to the marketplace and spend your stubs in an endless cycle of trying to get really good cards, which can then be flipped for stubs. It can be a self-sustaining process if you’re lucky.

There is another use, which is one I generally use. In the marketplace, you can look for specific items. If you need a good batting sleeve for Road to the Show, you can go buy it outright. If you want that rare Diamond Johan Santana card, you can buy it for a sum.

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Zach’s Tips

Any perk, equipment, or player card is usually for sale. Instead of playing the packs and hoping for luck, you can save stubs and buy exactly what you want. I like to do theme teams in MLB The Show, which means I’m searching for good Yankees cards. The marketplace is my friend to that goal.

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MLB The Show 24 stubs FAQs

Can I get stubs for free in MLB The Show 24?

By playing and earning XP or completing missions, you earn stubs without paying for them.

Where do I use stubs in MLB The Show 24?

You can spend stubs in Road to the Show or Diamond Dynasty.