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MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series Players

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series
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What is the Kaiju Series in MLB The Show 23? MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty provided fans a variety of great players to collect and enjoy over Season 1. Though it can be quite a bit of a demand to reap the best player rewards in Diamond Dynasty, MLB The Show 23 does make it worth your while by still providing some elite players you can get your hands on.

Well, with Season 2 here, MLB The Show 23 picked up right where it left off by catering a slew of new Diamond players, with one of their biggest new collections consisting of the special Kaiju Series. For those that don’t know, the word ‘Kaiju’ is defined as a giant monster that is featured in Japanese fantasy / sci-fi movies and television programs.

For those that play Mini Seasons, you will recognize the name from the Tokyo Kaiju team that you can play against in the Classic Global Baseball League mode. However, in their new Season 2 release, MLB The Show 23 decided to integrate this Kaiju theme on a much grander scale by not only adding a brand new Kaiju Series Program, but also by including several additional Kaiju Series players you can unlock elsewhere in Diamond Dynasty.

Because of how extensive this new player series is, we at VideoGamer decided to assist you with staying on top of which new Kaiju Series players are available and how you will be able to acquire them in Diamond Dynasty. Without further ado, here’s the full list of Kaiju Series players you can secure in MLB The Show 23.

Kaiju Series Program Players

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series

The biggest set of Kaiju Series players in MLB The Show 23, can be located in the new Kaiju Series Program. Requiring a total of 100 program stars to complete it, the Kaiju Series Program’s rewards path is decorated with 12 Diamond Kaiju Series players to go along with a Diamond Duos 14 Choice Pack, six different universal profile icons of different Kaiju, and a handful of The Show 23 packs.

In order to progress your way through the new program, fans will need to complete its corresponding missions, moments, conquest, showdown, and events (which will come in three parts). And unsurprisingly, the very team you face in these moments and in the showdown, is none other than the Tokyo Kaiju from Mini Seasons.

All the new Kaiju Series cards have a Kaiju emblem on the bottom right, which highlights which division they are a part of (each MLB division is represented by a different Kaiju symbol). So on that very note, here’s a look at all the new players you can unlock from the Kaiju Series Program in MLB The Show 23’s Diamond Dynasty:

Kaiju Series Program Players

  1. Mike Yastrzemski (CF) – Giants – 90 Overall
  2. Jerry Hairston Jr. (SS) – Reds – 90 Overall
  3. Zack Britton (CP) – Orioles – 91 Overall
  4. Keith Hernandez (1B) – Mets – 92 Overall
  5. David Robertson (RP) – Yankees – 92 Overall
  6. Warren Spahn (SP) – Braves – 94 Overall
  7. Harold Baines (RF) – White Sox – 94 Overall
  8. Joe Torre (3B) – Cardinals – 95 Overall
  9. Hunter Renfroe (RF) – Angels – 96 Overall
  10. Brandon Lowe (2B) – Rays – 96 Overall
  11. Stephen Strasburg (SP) – Nationals – 97 Overall
  12. Billy Williams (LF) – Cubs – 97 Overall

Prior to reaching the final Billy Williams reward at Tier 24, you will be able to unlock a Diamond Duos 14 Choice Pack at Tier 23 that just so happens to contain a 99 overall rated Kaiju Series player fans will want to have:

  1. Bryce Harper (RF) – Phillies – 99 Overall

This is by no means the only selection of Kaiju Series players in MLB The Show 23. In the next few sections, we detail where you can locate the rest of the top tier Kaiju Series players in Diamond Dynasty.

Season 2 Reward Path Kaiju Series Players

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series

When fans visit the Season 2 Rewards Path, they will find four of the same Kaiju Series Choice Packs speckled throughout it. Inside the packs are seven Kaiju Series players, allowing fans to choose four of the seven since there are only four of these packs in the reward path. Down below, we list all seven players you can find in the Season 2 Reward Path Kaiju Series Choice Pack:

Season 2 Kaiju Series Choice Pack (97 Overall)

  1. Brian Roberts (2B) – Orioles
  2. George Brett (3B) – Royals
  3. Monte Irvin (LF) – Giants
  4. Shawn Green (RF) – Blue Jays
  5. Corey Kluber (SP) – Guardians
  6. Blake Snell (SP) – Padres
  7. John Franco (RP) – Mets

In addition to the Season 2 Kaiju Series Choice Pack, comes that of three Boss Packs as well, each containing two of the same Kaiju Series players inside. Here’s a look at the two Kaiju Series bosses you can unlock in the MLB The Show 23 Season 2 Reward Path Boss Pack:

Season 2 Boss Pack (99 Overall)

  1. Chase Utley (2B) – Phillies
  2. Grady Sizemore (CF) – Guardians

Ranked Kaiju Series Player Rewards

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series

If you’re big on the Kaiju Series players available in MLB The Show 23, the online mode Ranked has a handful that could entice you. As you grind your way through the Ranked Reward Path, you will come across three different packs that contain Kaiju Series Diamond players – those are the Pennant Race Pack, the Wild Card Pack, and the Championship Series Pack.

Down below, we list all the new Kaiju Series players you can acquire from the Ranked Reward Path:

Pennant Race Reward Pack (90 Overall)

  • Bill Mazeroski (2B) – Pirates
  • Brooks Raley (RP) – Mets

Wild Card Reward Pack (94 Overall)

  • Michael Young (SS) – Rangers

Championship Series Reward Pack (97 Overall)

  • Mike Schmidt (3B) – Phillies
  • Cliff Lee (SP) – Guardians

This is the complete list of Kaiju Series player rewards you can unlock in Ranked. Should you be after the ones available in the online Events mode, we got you covered in the next section.

Event Kaiju Series Player Rewards

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series

As briefly mentioned earlier in this guide, the Kaiju Series Program comes with a three-part event. With Part 1 going live with Season 2 on May 12 and Part 2 last Friday, May 19, Part 3 went live yesterday, presenting three new Kaiju Series players fans can pursue in Diamond Dynasty’s online Event mode.

Within the Kaiju Part 3 Event Reward Path, comes that of three dominant Kaiju Series Diamond players fans can unlock as they progress their way with wins. Here we list the three Kaiju Series player rewards available in the Part 3 Event as well as provide how many wins each will require for you to unlock them:

Kaiju Part 3 Event Rewards

  • Alex Gordon (LF) – Royals – 95 Overall
    • 10 Event Wins Required
  • Brett Saberhagen (SP) – Royals – 97 Overall
    • 20 Event Wins Required
  • Harmon Killebrew (1B) – Twins – 97 Overall
    • 25 Event Wins Required

Prior to the Part 3 Event was that of the Kaiju Part 1 and Part 2 Events, which came with four different Kaiju Series Diamond players fans could have pursued at the time.

However, since the Part 1 and 2 Events are no longer active, these four players can now be found in the Season 2 Events Rewind Choice Pack once you secure 5 Event wins, or can be purchased in the Community Market:

Kaiju Part 2 Event Rewards

  • Joe Carter (RF) – Blue Jays – 95 Overall
  • Luis Gonzalez (LF) – Diamondbacks – 97 Overall

Kaiju Part 1 Event Rewards

  • Lefty Grove (SP) – Blue Jays – 95 Overall
  • Mike Mussina (SP) – Orioles – 97 Overall

Keep in mind that the Season 2 Kaiju Part 3 Event will expire on June 7. So be sure to act quickly should you want any of the new Part 1, Part 2, or Part 3 players from the Event.

Battle Royale 3 Kaiju Series Player Reward

To go along with both Ranked and Events, MLB The Show 23 also decided to add another elite Kaiju Series player for fans to pursue in the online Battle Royale mode.

As you progress your way through the new Battle Royale Reward Path, you will see a BR Flawless Program Choice Pack at Tier 20, which requires 100 BR program points. Once you unlock this pack, you will be able to secure the following Kaiju Series player:

  • Justin Verlander (SP) – Tigers – 99 Overall

If you’re after one of the best pitchers in the game, look no further than this Kaiju Series Verlander Diamond item. To go along with an incredible set of still attributes, Verlander also has the Outlier 1 and Break Outlier quicks, making him virtually one un-hittable nightmare to face.

Set 2 Collection Kaiju Series Players

MLB The Show 23 Kaiju Series

With the arrival of Season 2, comes that of a new Set 2 Collection fans can complete for some elite diamond player rewards. Among these excellent rewards, are that of two 99 overall Kaiju Series players. Here are the two players you can unlock and how:

Set 2 Collection Tier 2 Reward (99 Overall)

To secure this Kaiju Series player reward, you will need to collect 95 Set 2 Legends and Flashbacks.

  1. Rich Gossage (CP) – Yankees

Set 2 Collection Choice Pack (99 Overall)

Within the Set 2 Collections rewards ladder, are three special choice packs that contain an incredible Kaiju Series boss card. The first choice pack requires you to collect 160 Set 2 Legends and Flashbacks, the second requires 230, and the final requires 300. To secure this Kaiju Series player reward, you will need to collect at least 160 Set 2 Legends and Flashbacks:

  1. David Wright (3B) – Mets

One of the meta Diamond player items in the game right now, this David Write card is as real as advertised and is one that many will want to add for their lineups.

CORE Collection Kaiju Series Player

Similarly to that of the Set 2 Collection, MLB The Show 23 also introduced a brand-new CORE Collection with its very own set of rewards in Season 2. Unlike the Set 2 Collection, the CORE Collection requires fans to gather a deep variety of CORE cards in order to unlock its rewards.

The best and final prize fans can unlock by securing a specific selection of 180 CORE players in Diamond Dynasty, is that of a 99 overall Kaiju Series Corey Seager card. Though the collection is smaller than others, you will have to complete it in its entirety should you want that Seager Diamond card.

Diamond Duos Pack Kaiju Series Player

Accompanying all of these quality rewards you can unlock from programs, online modes, and collections, is that of Diamond Duos Packs that come baring elite Kaiju Series players as well. Down below, we list the new Kaiju Series players you can secure from the following Diamond Duos Choice Packs that have been released in MLB The Show 23:

Diamond Duos Pack 15 Kaiju Series Player (99 Overall)

  • Gavin Lux (SS) – Dodgers

Diamond Duos Pack 17 Kaiju Series Player (99 Overall)

  • Robin Yount (SS) – Brewers
  • Casey Mize (SP) – Tigers

Because the Diamond Duos 15 Pack is no longer in The Shop, Lux is now only available in the Community Market or can be unlocked in random The Show Packs.

Now that you’re all caught up on the new Kaiju Series players in MLB The Show 23, feel free to check out the hit new nickname Incognito Series Diamond Dynasty has to offer as well here. Or if you rather check out the latest Topps Now Program players, we provide the complete list here.

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