MLB The Show 23 – Season 2 Duration and Reward Path explained

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What prizes come with the Season 2 Reward Path in MLB The Show 23? Ever since San Diego Studio launched its brand new baseball video game MLB The Show 23 on March 28, it’s produced some excellent new content drops, catering a world of fun throughout Season 1. But with the first season now complete, MLB The Show 23’s all-new Season 2 has launched and it comes baring a remarkable set of prizes and goodies.

Though there’s a lot to be excited about, the biggest and arguably most important aspect of the new season is that of its majestic rewards path that it comes with. For those that don’t know, the Season 2 Rewards Path can be located in the Diamond Dynasty mode under the ‘Programs’ tab. Inside, you will see a vast collection of tiers, each coming with their own special reward.

With the new Season 2 rewards path going live in-game last Friday, May 12, we’ve decided to provide a guide for those looking to keep up to date on which top tier rewards have arrived as well as how they will be able to secure them.

On that note, here’s a look at all the new Season 2 rewards and how you can unlock them in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 – Season 2 Duration

The Show 23
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Before we get into all the prizes and rewards the new Season 2 Rewards Path has to offer, it’s important to review how long the new season will be available for and how you can keep track. With Season 1 spanning 46 days – launched on March 28 with the new game and lasted until the arrival of Season 2 on May 12 – Season 2 comes not only baring more prizes and rewards, but also is ten days longer.

With Season 2 going live last Friday, May 12, it will run for 56 days, granting much more time to reap these amazing new rewards. In short, this means Season 2 will conclude later this summer on July 7, which unsurprisingly, coincides with the MLB All-Star break.

To keep track of the Season 2 duration, head on into the Rewards Path, and upon doing so, you will a countdown of Season 2 in the top left corner of your screen. As of this writing, there’s roughly about 52 days remaining before Season 2 ends.

MLB The Show 23 – Season 2 Reward Path

MLB The Show 23 Season 2
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Now for the good stuff! As highlighted briefly in the previous section, Season 2 comes baring a significant amount of more content, and as a result, is also ten days longer than Season 1. As you enter the Season 2 Rewards Path, you will see 40 tiers of prizes, requiring fans to accumulate a hefty 650,000 Gameplay XP.

In order to progress your way through the reward path, MLB The Show 23 makes it quite simple with how you need to gain Gameplay XP: You just have to play the game. That’s correct! Whether it’s online modes or offline modes, each game you play in MLB The Show 23 earns you XP. This grants fans a lot of flexibility to choose how they want to accumulate XP while having fun at the same time.

In this guide, we won’t spoil everything you can secure from all 40 tiers of the Season 2 Reward Path. However, our aim is to certainly enlighten you on not only the best prizes it comes with, but also how you can secure them. Down below, we list the three best prizes in the Season 2 Rewards Path:

1. Season 2 Incognito Series Choice Pack

The very first pack you will be able to unlock from the Season 2 Reward Path, is that of the Incognito Series Choice Pack at Tier 16, which we detail in our guide here. Containing seven 97 overall Incognito Series players inside, fans will have the opportunity to unlock four of these choice packs throughout the rewards path (Tiers 16, 21, 27, and 35) granting them the opportunity to come away with four of the seven new players at their disposal.

2. Season 2 Kaiju Series Choice Pack

The second choice pack fans can unlock from the Season 2 Reward Path belongs to the new Kaiju Series, which we cover in our guide here. Just like the Incognito Series, the Kaiju Series Choice Pack comes with seven 97 overall diamond Kaiju Series players. With a total of four Kaiju Series Choice Packs available in the reward path (Tiers 17, 20, 26, and 37), fans can unlock four of its seven player items as well.

3. Season 2 Boss Pack

The third and best choice pack of the group, is that of the Season 2 Boss Pack. Coming with five 99 overall rated players, the Season 2 Boss Pack carries three Incognito Series diamonds and two Kaiju Series diamonds. Unlike the previous two packs, there are only three Boss Packs (Tiers 19, 29, and 40), so fans will only be able to choose three of the five available 99 studs. Down below we’ve taken the liberty to list the five players you can unlock:

  1. Josh Donaldson (3B) – Blue Jays – Incognito Series
  2. Greg Maddux (SP) – Braves – Incognito Series
  3. Mariano Rivera (CP) – Yankees – Incognito Series
  4. Chase Utley (2B) – Phillies – Kaiju Series
  5. Grady Sizemore (CF) – Guardians – Kaiju Series

Along with these three amazing choice packs, fans do also have a lot of other prizes in the Season 2 Reward Path that do make it very worth your while. From a Classic Stadiums Choice Pack, Ballin is a Habit Packs, MLB The Show 23 Packs, two Random Diamond Duos Packs, three new bat equipment items, to increments of Stubs, MLB The Show 23 turned out one delightful Season 2 Reward Path and provided ample time to complete it.

That all being said, the best part comes at the very end of the path. Just like that of Season 1, fans will be able to spin the unique rewards path wheel of fortune where they can claim some excellent prizes cycled from the new season.

MLB The Show 23 – Season 2 FAQ

When will Season 2 end in MLB The Show 23?

Based on the remaining 52 day countdown, Season 2 will end on July 7, 2023.

What are the best modes to play to complete the Season 2 Reward Path quickly?

If you want to power your way through the Season 2 Reward Path, we at VideoGamer recommend you playing Conquest, Battle Royale, Events, and Mini Seasons.

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