MLB The Show 23 Father’s Day Program

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What is the Father’s Day Program in MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty? This Sunday, June 18, marks a special US holiday known as Father’s Day, where families across the US honor all the dads that continue to have a supportive, meaningful, and positive impact on their children’s growth and development. Although this holiday is reflected across society in various ways, it holds a special place in sports as many father’s have also had the privilege to witness their very own children make it to the big leagues during their lifetimes.

Well in Major League Baseball, fans have been able to see many special stars introduce their children to the game they play. And as the years have gone by, some of those very youngsters have made their way to the greatest stage their dads played on, representing the next generation of star talent that is making its mark on the league. To celebrate all the amazing father / son duos the MLB is home to, MLB The Show 23 released a new Father’s Day Program in Diamond Dynasty that comes baring some quality player rewards from the Captain Series, Incognito Series and Kaiju Series.

Should you be after the new Father’s Day Program prizes or might be wondering how you can get your hands on these new players, this guide will assist you with achieving just what you’re looking for. So without further ado, here’s all the rewards and players that have arrived with the Father’s Day Program in MLB The Show 23.

MLB The Show 23 Father’s Day Program

MLB The Show 23 Father's Day Program

In comparison to recent programs such as the Incognito Series or the May Monthly Awards, the Father’s Day Program is significantly smaller and only comes with 70 Program Stars. Despite such, there’s still plenty of great Diamond players and prizes to be had throughout its reward path, making the grind well worth it.

Upon entering the Father’s Day Program, fans will notice a variety of goodies they can unlock. Along with a Father’s Day Program profile icon, banner, bat, socks, and batting glove, fans can also unlock a ‘Ballin is a Habit’ Pack as well as the Diamond Duos Choice Pack 22, which contains another special father / son combo of Diamond items fans can choose from.

In order to make your way through the Father’s Day Program reward path to acquire all of these new players, fans have to complete its corresponding missions, moments, conquest, and event to collect the program stars needed. So with that being said, let’s have a look at all the new players you can unlock from the Father’s Day Program in MLB The Show 23.

Father’s Day Program Player Rewards

  1. Craig Biggio (2B) – Astros – 93 Overall
    • Tier 2 Kaiju Series Reward
  2. Cavan Biggio (2B) – Blue Jays – 93 Overall
    • Tier 4 Kaiju Series Reward
  3. Dante Bichette (LF) – Rockies – 94 Overall
    • Tier 6 Kaiju Series Reward
  4. Bo Bichette (SS) – Blue Jays – 95 Overall
    • Tier 8 Incognito Series Reward
    • Nickname: “Bo Flows”
  5. Vladimir Guerrero (RF) – Nationals – 95 Overall
    • Tier 10 Incognito Series Reward
    • Nickname: “Vlad The Impaler”
  6. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (1B) – Blue Jays – 96 Overall
    • Tier 12 Kaiju Series Reward
  7. Ken Griffey Sr. (LF) – Mariners – 95 Overall
    • Tier 14 Captain Series Reward
    • Father’s Day Program Captain
  8. Ken Griffey Jr. (CF) – Mariners – 97 Overall
    • Tier 16 Incognito Series Reward
    • Nickname: “The Kid”

Before you reach the Tier 16 Ken Griffey Jr. reward, you will be able to unlock the Diamond Duos Choice Pack 22 at Tier 15 that comes with two 99 overall Diamond players fans will want to get their hands on:

  1. Matt Holiday (LF) – Rockies – Kaiju Series
  2. Jackson Holiday (SS) – Orioles – Future Stars Series

Keep in mind though that both of these Diamond players aren’t a guarantee upon opening your Diamond Duos 22 Choice Pack. In fact, the description of the choice pack in MLB The Show 23 reads, “Choose 1 Gold or better player item with a highly increased chance to find the featured Diamond Duos Pack players.“

Speaking of 99 overall Kaiju Series players, if you’re after the new Joe Mauer card in MLB The Show 23, we cover how you can unlock him here. Or if you’re still trying to bolster your team with more Set 1 Charisma Series players, our guide lists all of them available in MLB The Show 23.

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