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Midnight Suns Guide – Where To Find Elemental Rods 

Marvel's Midnight Suns Spider-Man
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Early in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’ll be tasked with retrieving elemental rods for Agatha Harkness and returning them to her shrine. While some of the rods are close to the shrine itself, others will require some dedicate sleuthing to discover their location. 

We’re here to help, and we’ll walk you through where to find each of the Elemental Rods hidden around the abbey. 

Marvel’s Midnight Suns – Finding Elemental Rods 

Midnight Suns Find Elemental Rods
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For each elemental rod you find and place in the correct spot at Agatha’s Shrine, you’ll receive an Arcane Key to unlock the various chests littered around the abbey and its grounds. 

Midnight Suna Elemental Rod Locations -Water Rod 

You’ll likely have picked up this rod before evening meeting Agatha’s ghost for the first time. The Water Rod can be found by the pool just outside of the abbey, just underneath the bridge and placed on a small shrine. 

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Midnight Suns Elemental Rod Locations – Fire Rod 

The Fire Rod is another elemental rod that you may have encountered as soon as entering the abbey in Midnight Suns. Simply head past the dormitories to enter the chapel, and find the fire rod in pride of place, surrounded by candles. 


Elemental Rod Locations – Air Rod 

Air Rod
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The Air Rod can be found in close proximity to Agatha’s Altar. As such, it’s advisable to collect the rod as soon as Agatha brings you to the shrine to begin the quest, if not before. 

Head to the right of the altar and use the Open Word of Power to unlock a stone door, then head down further into the woods. The Air Rod is just beyond, positioned on a separate shrine. 

Elemental Rod Locations – Earth Rod 

The final elemental rod in Midnight Suns is perhaps the trickiest to find, as you have little reason to return to its location at first. Having Charlie follow as you explore the abbey grounds will help, as your faithful hellhound will begin barking and pointing when in close proximity to the rod. 

Head back to Hunter’s Folly, where The Hunter was first awakened. Walk up the steps to the mausoleum and use the Open Word of Power to open the door, revealing the room that The Hunter was first awakened in. Just inside and to the left of the door is the Earth Rod.  

All that’s left is to return to Agatha’s Altar with the Rods, find their correct place, and complete this stage of Agatha’s questline. Doing so will present you with a Moon Seal to unlock more Words of Power for The Hunter. 

Midnight Suns Elemental Rods FAQ 

How Many Elemental Rods are in Midnight Suns? 

There are four elemental rods in midnight suns, the fire, air, earth and water rods. 

Where to find Elemental Rods Midnight Suns? 

The elemental rods can be found in the chapel, at the abbey pool, in the woods by Agatha’s Altar and at Hunter’s Folly.