How To Fake Pass In NBA 2K23

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Being able to fake pass in NBA 2K23 is crucial to get the edge over your opponents who may expect a pass to be distributed.

Fake passes are always excellent faint moves to get your opponents to second guess what you’ll do with the ball.

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How To Do A Fake Pass In NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23
Courtesy of NBA 2K23

As shown above, this is what you need to input in your controller to do a fake pass:

  • PlayStation: Triangle + Square simultaneously
  • Xbox: Y + B simultaneously.

It’s as easy as that! This trick is very efficient in game modes such as The City, which can trick your opponents into thinking you’re getting rid of the ball.

This may lean an opponent another way, which creates an opportunity offensively for you to either drive to the basket or shoot it while space is there to do so!

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However, don’t abuse it too much, you may risk the possibility of getting a turnover or losing time on the clock by focusing on faking too much.

This could definitely hinder team performance and losing out on points that you need for your squad to win. While it is a flashy move, don’t be too flashy!

Well there you have it, hopefully by now you know how to fake pass so I encourage you utilize it in your arsenal when you’re next on the courts playing NBA 2K23.

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