Last Epoch Falconer build guide – explosive dive bomb

Last Epoch Falconer build guide – explosive dive bomb
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Are you looking for a Last Epoch Falconer build guide? The explosive dive bomb Falconer is one of the best builds in the game for the rogue class. If you want to have your falcon rip enemies to shreds and blow them to smithereens, look no further.

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Explosive dive bomb Falconer build guide for Last Epoch

There is a lot that goes into making a build in Last Epoch. You need to choose the right class and mastery passives, get the right gear, and you need to get the right skill with the right upgrades. This won’t be easy and it may take you some time. Let’s break down the different parts of the class.

Explosive dive bomb Falconer pros and cons

Great crowd controlSpecific gear requirements
Fast-pacedRequires a lot of mana focus
Room for different passives
Last Epoch Explosive Dive Bomb Falconer Pros and Cons

Explosive dive bomb Falconer skills

You will want to equip the following skills to make this class work properly:

  • Explosive trap
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Dive Bomb
  • Shift
  • Falconry

You can also use the Cinder Strike skill in place of the Smoke Bomb. This will give you some more DPS but cost you some survivability. It will also help with mana management.

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Explosive dive bomb Falconer passives

When it comes to the passives, you will want to choose Falconer as your Mastery. You will also need to put points into Rogue, Bladedancer, and Marksman to make this build work. The following points are needed in these passive skill trees:

  • Rogue
    • 8 Swift Assassin
    • 8 Steady Hand
    • 1 Guile
    • 5 Evasion
    • 5 Agility
  • Falconer
    • 5 Handler
    • 5 Raptor’s Wings
    • 5 Outlander’s Tenacity
    • 3 Peltast
    • 5 Wilderness Scout
    • 6 Tactician
    • 5 Stamina of the Rover
    • 1 Coordinated Fate
    • 5 Avian Hurl
    • 1 Intuitive COnnection
    • 6 Needle Like Precision
    • 5 Finesse Them
    • 3 Relentless Talons
    • 6 Evasion Tactics
    • 6 Tailwind
    • 6 Stymphalian Feathers
  • Bladedancer
    • 5 Pursuit
    • 8 Once

Explosive dive bomb Falconer skill passives

Along with your normal class passives, you will need the following passives with your skills.

  • Explosive Trap
    • 2 Minefield
    • 4 Jelkhor’s Blueprint
    • 2 Subtle Sabotage
    • 1 Sky Signal
    • 1 Smoke Traps
    • 1 Free Lofting Bird
    • 1 Coldsnap Mines
    • 1 Tinkerer’s Design
    • 1 Trapas
    • 3 Trap Sprinkler
    • 1 Static Mines
    • 1 Trapuchet
    • 1 Automated Bombardment
  • Dive Bomb
    • 4 Rushing Wings
    • 4 Rush of the Hunt
    • 4 Devastating Dive
    • 3 United Assault
    • 4 Focused Hunter
    • 3 Hindering Beak Strike
    • 2 Featherfall
  • Falconry
    • 1 Falconer’s Journey
    • 3 Side by Side
    • 1 Hunter’s Spoils
    • 4 Avian Stamina
    • 2 The Blood Dance
    • 2 Bird of Prey
    • 1 Go For the Eyes
    • 1 Exposed Weakness
    • 1 Trained to Hunt
    • 3 Is it a Bird?
    • 1 Agile Prey
    • 1 Feather Knives
    • 3 Sky Chaser
  • Shift
    • 4 Shadow Recuperation
    • 3 Velocity
    • 5 Sleight of Hand
    • 3 Momentum
    • 1 Shadowslip
    • 2 Elusive
    • 2 Swift Recovery
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Explosive dive bomb Falconer gear requirements

The following gear is used for this build:

  • Talons of Valor Bow
  • Woven Flesh armor
  • Death Rattle Amulet

These uniques help create the build by increasing your falcon’s damage and resetting cooldowns. They also help with survivability by increasing the health you leech.

For Affixes, you will want to focus on increasing your Dexterity, critical strike chance, and critical strike avoidance. These will help you deal more damage and avoid taking increased damage. On top of this, you will want to enhance your movement speed so you can traverse the world more quickly.

How to operate the explosive dive bomb Falconer build

The key to this build is the Explosive Trap skill. You will be using this skill a lot and relying on your Falcon for some extra damage. The Explosive Trap skill will allow you to lay out bombs that heavily damage foes that are around them. Of course, this means that you will constantly need to focus on mana costs.

You will be alternating the use of Falconry and Dive Bomb when you are not using Explosive Traps. The rotation of these skills will help you deal damage and reset your cooldowns. When you are running low on mana, use your shift ability to get out of there quickly. It is okay to switch out Smoke Bomb with Cinder Strike so you have a skill that can be used without mana. You can also use the Ballista skill to get more minions out on the field and increase your damage.

That is everything you need to know about the explosive dive bomb Falconer build. Be sure to check out all the shrines in Last Epoch so you know what bonuses you can get. You can also check out how to empower Monoliths so you can get more of a challenge.

Last Epoch Falconer Build – FAQ

What skills should you use as a Falconer in Last Epoch?

The best Falconer skills are Falconry, Shift, Dive Bomb, Explosive Trap, Cinder Strike, Shurikens, and Smoke Bomb.

What bow should I use as a Falconer in Last Epoch?

You should stick with the Talons of Valor unique bow in Last Epoch. This bow increases your Falcon’s damage by 25% any time you get a critical strike.