Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths – how to empower Monoliths

Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths – how to empower Monoliths
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Are you curious about Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths? Do you want to know how to empower Monoliths? These difficult endgame activities are ones that you will eventually want to unlock if you want to get powerful gear and face stronger foes.

If you are attempting to get better rewards and defeat more powerful bosses, you might be interested in checking out all the ailments in Last Epoch. You can also check out our information about the Last Epoch Spreading Flames ailment. Here is everything you need to know about Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch.

What are Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch?

Empowered Monoliths are similar to dungeons. They offer a great challenge that will reward you with great loot chances, blessings, and more. Unlike a normal Monolith, the empowered version has more difficult modifiers and tougher enemies.

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There are normal timelines and empowered timelines in Last Epoch with the empowered timelines having a higher corruption. A higher corruption yields more difficult encounters as well as greater Echo Rewards. In other words, high-corruption timeline bosses offer exclusive unique loot.

How to unlock Empowered Monoliths in Last Epoch

If you want to get the increased item rarity and fight more difficult monsters, you need to unlock Empowered Monoliths by completing all of the timelines present in the Monolith of Fate. You will unlock the ability to access these when you reach the End of Time in Chapter 2. The difficulty of these timelines ranges from 58 to 90 with each having unique rewards and its own modifiers.

This is a difficult task if you are playing offline since there is no way to choose or speedrun these quest echoes. Start by filling up the progress meter for each timeline. After this, complete the Monolith timeline by defeating the timeline boss.

Complete Monoliths fast

The fastest way to complete these tasks is by increasing your movement speed to get through the zones quicker. You can use the loot filter to filter out the type of items you don’t want. Finally, ignore the stability as this won’t matter until later.

That is everything you need to know about unlocking Empowered Monoliths. These tasks are a great way to get unique items and exclusive rewards. Of course, unlocking them is no easy task and will require a lot of work. Prepare your weapons by adding shards to them. Be sure to check out our Last Epoch crafting guide for more info. You can also check out how to unlock Idols in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Empowered Monoliths – FAQ

When do you unlock Monoliths in Last Epoch?

You unlock Monoliths when you reach the End of Time which happens in Chapter 2.

The recommended level for Monoliths changes depending on the Monolith. It ranges from levels 58 to 90.