How to get Glyphs in Last Epoch – Glyph use and effects

How to get Glyphs in Last Epoch – Glyph use and effects
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Are you wondering how to get Glyphs in Last Epoch? We have documented each of the Glyphs in the game and how to use them to your advantage. These useful items can enhance your crafting capabilities and make your items better if you use them correctly.

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What are Glyphs in Last Epoch? – Glyph types

Glyphs are tools that will aid you in crafting. Once obtained, you can use them when setting affixes and suffixes on gear to increase the effectiveness of the craft or alter the craft’s outcome. These modifications can be more crafting opportunities or preserving aspects of the item.

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There are five different types of Glyphs in the game. The following Glyphs and effects are currently in the game:

Glyph of HopeWhen used, the affix upgrade has a 25% chance of having no forging potential cost.
Glyph of ChaosRandomly changes the upgraded Affix to a different one that can spawn on that item type. It cannot change a prefix into a suffix and vice-versa.
Glyph of DespairHas a chance to seal an affix instead of upgrading it. The sealed affix is moved to its own slot, leaving its old slot open for you to add a new affix.
Glyph of OrderPreserves the roll of the upgraded affix within its range.
Glyph of InsightGrants the affix a chance to be converted into an experimental affix.

How to get and use Glyphs in Last Epoch

To obtain Glyphs, you need to kill enemies and loot containers. You can also get these items as rewards for completing echoes in the Monolith of Fate. These don’t have the highest drop chance so be sure to pick them up whenever you see them. Once in your inventory, select the transfer materials option to store your materials.

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Glyph of Order

The Glyph of Order is the most confusing of the Glyphs but also the most useful. The Glyph of Order has an effect that states, “Prevents the roll of an affix within its range changing when it is upgraded.” This simply means that it preserves the roll of the affix on the item you are crafting, allowing you to keep any good rolls that you might have gotten.

Now that you have Glyphs, you can use them by opening the forge menu. This is done by pressing the F key. With the menu open, place an item in the forge and then place a Glyph in the diamond slot beneath the item. After this, go about crafting like normal by selecting an affix to apply to your weapon or armor piece.

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Last Epoch Glyphs – FAQ

Where do you place Glyphs in the crafting menu in Last Epoch?

These materials are placed in the diamond slot below where you place your item.

Can you use multiple Glyphs during the crafting process?

No. You can only use one at a time during the crafting process. Because of this, you should be picky about which one you use.