How does Resonance work in Last Epoch? – Resonances explained

How does Resonance work in Last Epoch? – Resonances explained
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How does Resonance work in Last Epoch? This strange stat is one that many are confused about but it involves gifting items to other players. There are multiple types of resonance that you can find throughout Last Epoch but they tend to be rare and not a normal drop.

If you are looking for loot, you might want to know how to empower Monoliths in Last Epoch. You can also check out how to earn favor in Last Epoch. Different types of resonance matter in Last Epoch but why is that? How does Resonance work in Last Epoch?

What is the purpose of Resonance in Last Epoch?

The purpose of Resonance in Last Epoch is to assist with trading special items with players. Gifting an item in this means does not require gold or favor with a guild. Resonance matters for the following reasons:

  • It allows players who frequently play together to trade items to one another that they normally wouldn’t be able to trade. For instance, legendary items can be traded using this method to a player who it might be better equipped on. Item gifting is a way around the need for grinding.
  • Players in the Merchant’s Guild can gift one another items without needing to pay the gold and favor they would normally need to pay at the Bazaar or Auction House.
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How to get Resonance in Last Epoch

To get Resonance in Last Epoch, you simply need to loot enemies. The more you play with other players, the more likely Resonance will be to drop for you. For instance, if you play consistently with a friend, you both are more likely to get this material.

There are two types of Resonance in Last Epoch. The following types can be found in the game:

  • Golden Resonance – Used to trade normal magic, rare, unique, and set items.
  • Obsidian Resonance – Used to drop Exalted and Legendary items.

Once you have Resonance in your inventory, select the transfer materials button to transfer the Resonance to your materials section. It will become available when you gift an item to another player that the Resonance connects with.

Faction Ranks

Faction Ranks are required to use some items that you get from the Merchant’s Guild or the Circle of Fortune. Gifting an item allows you to trade items with another player but it does not remove the rank requirements for the gear. Item factions with rank requirements will still need to be met for the player to use the item that is gifted.

How to gift items in Last Epoch

To gift an item to another player, you simply need to interact with them. Choose the gift item option in the interaction menu. This will bring up the gifting menu. From here, you can place the item into the menu to gift it to the other player. There is also a sub-menu here to place the Resonance in. The Resonance is consumed when used to gift the item. If no Resonance is selected, you will not be allowed to gift the item.

That is everything you need to know about Resonance. This system is a great way to transfer items from one player to another. Items received from the Monolith of Fate or from dungeons are powerful items that might work better on a friend’s character. Be sure to also check out how to get Dungeon Keys in Last Epoch. You can also check out all the Last Epoch ailments to help you create a better build.

Last Epoch Resonances – FAQ

What types of Resonance are in Last Epoch?

There are two types of Resonance in Last Epoch. Golden Resonance lets you gift most of your gear while Obsidian Resonance allows you to gift exalted and legendary weapons and armor.

How do you get more Resonance in Last Epoch?

The key to getting more Resonance is to play more with another player. The more you play with another player, the more likely you both are to get Resonance.