All Shrines in Last Epoch – shrines explained

All Shrines in Last Epoch – shrines explained
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Are you wondering what all Shrines are in Last Epoch? Similar to Diablo, Last Epoch has Shrines that grant you different abilities and aid you while you are out in the field. Of course, these powerful totems are few and far between so you must prioritize them when you can.

If you are looking into shrines, you might also want to know all the ailments in Last Epoch so you can make a powerful build. You can also check out how to get blessings in Last Epoch. While on the hunt for these strong statues, you must keep a sharp eye as they can sometimes be hidden. Here are all Shrines in Last Epoch and what they do.

What are Shrines in Last Epoch?

Shrines are large statues that you can find throughout Eterra that offer bonuses and buffs to you if you interact with them. Some of these buffs are instant, granting you immediate rewards while others give you a longer-laster bonus such as increased movement speed for a period of time.

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Shrines appear on your minimap as golden idols. When you see one of these, walk up to it and interact with it to receive its bonus. You can view what type of shrine it is by hovering your cursor over the shrine. Be careful, Shrines are typically protected by a large number of enemies.

Shrine effects

Most Shrine effects in Last Epoch last for about 60 seconds. Keep this in mind when you activate them and don’t let the effect go to waste. After activating a Shrine, keep moving so you can defeat as many enemies as possible before the effect wears off.

All Shrine effects in Last Epoch

There are 13 different types of Shrines in Lat Epoch. Each Shrine has a different effect that you will get by interacting with it. The following Shrine types are currently in the game:

Critical ShrineGrants 100% critical hit chance for 60 seconds
Experience ShrineEnemies grant 50% more experience for 60 seconds
Haste Shrine30% increased movement speed for 60 seconds (stacks with other effects)
Stunning Shrine200% increase stun chance for 60 seconds. Also increases stun duration
Shrine of WealthDrops piles of gold with various amounts
Shrine of ShardsDrops random affix shards
Shrine of the Ice BeetleSummons a temporary beetle companion that spits freezing projectiles
Shrine of the Frozen HiveSummons multiple ice beetle companions that spit freezing projectiles
Beekeeper’s ShrineSummons bee companions to aid you
Water ShrineGrants 100% increased mana regeneration and cooldown recovery speed
Reflective Shrine300% damage reflection for a short period of time
Golden ShrineSpawns golden scorpions that each drop rare items on death
Shrine of LegendsDrops a unique item
Last Epoch Shrine Effects

That is everything you need to know about shrines. Be sure to also check out what the max skill level is in Last Epoch. You can also check out how to get Runes in Last Epoch.

Last Epoch Shrines – FAQ

How many different Shrine types are in Last Epoch?

There are 13 different shrines you can find as you search Eterra in Last Epoch.

How often do Shrines appear in Last Epoch?

Shrines don’t appear very often in the game. There are maybe one or two per section of the map.