How to make Venus in Infinite Craft

How to make Venus in Infinite Craft
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This new game from Neal Agarwal lets you combine elements to create all kinds of neat objects and ideas. Venus is a popular creation and here’s how you can create it.

How to get Venus in Infinite Craft

Venus can be created by combining Planet and Fog. This is probably because it is covered in a yellowish fog. This planet also represents the Roman goddess of love. These combinations are powered by an AI model so it may have pulled this information to create Venus. It’s among the simpler creations to make in the game.

Here’s how you can create Venus:

  • Combine Earth and Wind to get Dust. Add this Dust to Earth and you’ll get a Planet.
  • As for Fog, start by combining Fire and Wind to get Smoke.
  • Add Smoke to Water to get Fog.
  • Finally, combine Planet and Fog to get Venus.
A diagram depicting the earth and water.
All the elements needed to make Venus in Infinite Craft. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Creation table for Venus in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2Result
A table that covers all the elements used to make Venus in Infinite Craft.

Venus in Infinite Craft combinations

Here are some items you can create with Venus:

  • Venus + Hyperloop = Hypervenus
  • Venus + Swamp = Planet
  • Venus + Skin = Beauty
  • Venus + Train = Vulkan
  • Venus + Love = Honeymoon
  • Venus + Water = Aphrodite
  • Venus + Plant = Flower
  • Venus + YouTube = Vine
  • Venus + Mummy = Cleopatra

That covers how to create Venus in the game. Here’s how you can create YouTube in Infinite Craft and build your recipe collection. For more guides, check back for more in-depth Infinite Craft coverage.

Infinite Craft Venus FAQs

What are the main ingredients of Venus in Infinite Craft?

You need a Planet and Fog to create Venus.

What can Venus be used to create in Infinite Craft?

Venus can be used to make Hypervenus, Honeymoon, Beauty, and other ideas.