How to make a Date in Infinite Craft

How to make a Date in Infinite Craft
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This endless crafting game lets you create just about anything. Players have managed to create everything from Taylor Swift and Peter Griffin to Tinder. So if you’ve wanted to create the Date out of elements like Wind and Dust, you’re in the right place.

How to get Date in Infinite Craft

Use the Oasis and Plant to make a Date. It’s among the easier recipes in the game. All it takes is a couple of steps to get here from the basic elements. Surprisingly, romance isn’t the only option to get here. I suspect there is a way to get here from multiple routes. 

Here’s how you can create a Date:

  • Earth and Wind can be combined to make Dust. Pair two Dust together to get Sand.
  • Adding Sand again to Sand gives you a Desert.
  • Pair this Desert with Water to get an Oasis.
  • In addition, adding Water to Earth gives you a Plant.
  • Now pair the Oasis and Plant to get a Date.
A map of the earth with various items.
A map of the earth with various items.

Creation table for Date in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2Result
Table of the elements in a Date in Infinite Craft.

Date combinations in Infinite Craft

This is one of many items that can be a part of deeper recipes in Infinite Craft. Here are some items you can create with the help of a Date:

  • Date + Date = Fruit
  • Date + Sand = Sandwich
  • Date + Fire = Romance
  • Date + Fog = Mist
  • Date + Hyperloop = Tinder
  • Dandelion + Wedding = Bride
  • Date + Steampunk = Steamdate
  • Date + Love = Valentine
  • Date + Rainbow = Unicorn
  • Date + Christ = Christmas
  • Christmas + Christmas = Christmas Tree
  • Date + Heartbreak = Time
  • Date + Crash = Disaster

That covers how to create Date in the game. Another way to approach this recipe is by using Valentine + Meal to get Date. Various elements let you create recognizable ideas and celebrities with the right recipes.

Infinite Craft Date FAQs

What are the key ingredients to make Date in Infinite Craft?

Oasis and Plant combine to form a Date.

What can Date be used to create in Infinite Craft?

Date can be used to create ideas like Fruit, Sandwich, and Tinder.