How to make Internet in Infinite Craft?

How to make Internet in Infinite Craft?
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Looking to make Internet in Infinite Craft? The new browser game has quickly gathered a large player base with its inventive approach to mixing elements. One of these combinations let you create the Internet. Here’s how to do it.

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How to create Internet in Infinite Craft

The key components of the Internet are Electricity and a Computer. Here’s how to create them and form the Internet:

  • Start with Fire and Water to form Steam. Then pair two Steam to get a Cloud.
  • A Cloud and Fire form Lightning. You can then add Steam to Lightning to create Electricity.
  • Now to create Computers, you should start off with Wind and Earth to form Dust.
  • Earth and Dust form a Planet. Two Planets combine to form a Star.
  • Add Fire to a Star to create the Sun. And add Fire to the Sun to create Solar.
  • Combining Solar and Planet gives you a System. Add Fire to a System to get a Computer.
  • Now Combine Electricity and a Computer to get the Internet.
An image of the Internet in Infinite Craft. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the Internet in Infinite Craft. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Internet creation table in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2 Result
A table with the elements needed to create the Internet in Infinite Craft.

Internet in Infinite Craft combinations

Here are some items you can create with the Internet:

  • Internet + Computer = Hacker
  • Internet + Hacker = Virus
  • Internet + Electricity = Bitcoin 
  • Internet + Train = Hyperloop
  • Internet + Fortnite = Money

That covers the Internet in the game. Stay tuned for more guides that cover item combinations in Infinite Craft.