How to make Planet in Infinite Craft

How to make Planet in Infinite Craft
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The new endless crafting browser game lets you create pretty much anything, from items to famous personalities. In our guide, we will be explaining how to create a planet in Infinite Craft.

How to get a Planet in Infinite Craft

Creating a Planet is fairly simple and requires Dust and Earth. It’s among the simpler recipes in the game, and is easy to craft, as the main ingredients Earth and Wind are base elements in the game. It’s also pretty essential when it comes to creating other items like Venus and other, well, Planets.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to creating a Planet in the game:

  • Combine Earth and Wind to form Dust.
  • Now add Dust to Earth and you have a Planet.
A map of the earth with words dust and planets.
A planet in Infinite Craft. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Planet creation table in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2Result
A table with the elements of a Planet in Infinite Craft.

Which recipes need Planet in Infinite Craft?

Since it can be made in just two steps, you’re bound to run into a Planet when you tinker about in the game. Here are some items you can create that require Planet:

Element 1Element 2Result
PlanetStarSolar System
List of combinations that require Planet

That covers how to make a Planet and why you’d want to do so. It can be used to create several celestial bodies you’re familiar with. You can also create other items like the Earthquake with the Tsunami and Planet. It’s got plenty of uses as an ingredient in several complex recipes in Infinite Craft like Multiverse, Eternity, and a Black Hole. Experiment with multiple items to see how they combine. All of these are tracked and can be used later from the tab to the right in the game.

Infinite Craft Planet FAQs

What are the main ingredients of the Planet in Infinite Craft?

It can be created with Dust and Earth.

What can the Planet be used for in Infinite Craft?

It can be used to recreate the Solar System, other celestial bodies, and ideas like the Ocean.