How to make YouTube in Infinite Craft

How to make YouTube in Infinite Craft
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Looking to make YouTube in Infinite Craft? The new infinite creation browser game gives you the power of mixing elements to bring any idea to life. If you want to create YouTube in this game, we’ve got you covered.

How to get YouTube in Infinite Craft

YouTube is created by combining Internet and Geyser in the game. The popular video streaming platform is an interesting result of this combination. While the Internet connection makes sense, its stream of information could be compared to a Geyser. Here’s how you can create YouTube:

  • Start by combining Earth and Fire to create Lava. Add Lava to Water and you’ll get Stone.
  • Add Stone to Steam (formed by Water and Fire) to get a Geyser.
  • As for the Internet, it’ll take a couple more steps. Start by Combining Steam with Steam to get a Cloud. 
  • Add Fire to a Cloud to get Lightning. Now add Steam to Lightning to get Electricity. It’s a core part of the Internet recipe.
  • Pair Dust and Earth and you get a Planet. Pair two of them to get a Star.
  • Add Fire to a Star and you’ll end up with the Sun. Add Fire again and you get Solar.
  • Add a Planet to Solar and you get a System. Pair this with Fire once more and you get a Computer.
  • Combine a Computer and Electricity to get the Internet. Now pair the Internet with the Geyser for YouTube.
An auto-drafted mind map displaying various information types.
Elements needed to make YouTube in Infinite Craft. Image captured by VideoGamer.

YouTube creation table in Infinite Craft

Element 1Element 2Result
A table with all the elements of YouTube in Infinite Craft.

YouTube combinations in Infinite Craft

Here are some ideas you can generate with YouTube:

  • YouTube + Slime = Slimecicle
  • YouTube + Slimecicle = Pewdiepie
  • YouTube + Train = Trainwreck
  • YouTube + Wind = Tornado
  • YouTube + Fire = Fireplace