Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys location

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Where is the Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys location? Dead Island 2 is packed with rooms, cars, and lock boxes containing valuable parts and weapons, but tracking down the right keys can be a bit tricky. In this instance, you need the Coach’s Car Keys to obtain some loot from a locked car in Bel-Air.

Many are carried by named Dead Island 2 zombies throughout Hell-A and the only way to get these keys is to defeat these lumbering biters. That’s easier said than done though, as finding the right zombie in the first place takes some exploring, and named zombies typically don’t spawn until you’ve already completed the main Dead Island 2 quests in the area. To save you the hassle, here’s what you need to know to find the Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys. You can also find other worthwhile loot by learning how to get fuses in Dead Island 2.

Bel Air tennis court on Dead Island 2 map - Coach's Car Keys location.

Where to find the Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys

To get the Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car Keys, you’ll need to defeat Coach Ace found on the tennis court on access road 781 in Bel Air. Coach Ace spawns after starting the O Michael, Where Art Thou? main story quest, so progress a little further if you’ve not yet reached that point. The tennis court is east of Emma Jaunt’s mansion and south of the first mansion you visit at the start of Dead Island 2. You’ll find the coach towards the back of the court munching on a corpse.

Coach Ace eating corpse in Dead Island 2.

Though we wouldn’t describe Coach Ace as a miniboss, he is a little more resilient and hits harder than your average walker. We recommend approaching him cautiously to get in an initial big hit then using dodges to stun him to take him quickly. Once the coach is dead, approach his corpse and pick up the car keys.

Coach's car location on Dead Island 2 map.

Dead Island 2 Coach’s Car location

The Dead Island 2 coach’s car location is at the intersection of access road 781 and 782 in Bel Air, right outside the southernmost entrance gate to Emma Jaunt’s mansion. If you’re at the tennis court where you find Coach Ace, retrace your steps down the path towards Emma Jaunt’s mansion and take the first left up access road 782. The black SUV is parked against the wall on your left. Approach the trunk and interact with the prompt to use the Coach’s Car Keys.

Coach's car trunk in Dead Island 2.

Now you know where to find the Dead Island 2 Coach Car Keys and how to find the coach’s car, learn how to open Dead Island 2 maglocks, what best Dead Island 2 skills to equip, and check out our guide titled how long is Dead Island 2 to learn how much of the game you’ll still have left to go.

How do you get Coach’s Car Keys in Dead Island 2?

To find the Coach’s Car Keys, you must kill Coach Ace, a named zombie on a tennis court who only spawns once you’ve completed O Michael, Where Art Thou?

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