How to get Dead Island 2 fuses

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Wondering how to get Dead Island 2 fuses? From Bel Air to Venice Beach, the zombie-infested Hell-A is littered with busted fuse boxes, represented on the map by small cylindrical fuses. These often block the way to rooms packed with valuable weapons and parts. To fix up fuse boxes, you’ll need fuses.

Though you should come across Dead Island 2 fuses as you play, the game doesn’t explicitly explain where to get them, and much like the best Dead Island 2 skills, they’re necessary if you want to make the most of this zombie slaying romp. So if you’re exploring the Dead Island 2 map and you’re wondering where to get fuses, we can help.

Dead Island 2 fuses on map.

Dead Island 2 fuses explained

To get Dead Island 2 fuses, you’ll need to buy them from traders found at most safe zones throughout the game. These merchants are dotted across LA, found within safe zones such as Carlos the trader in Emma Jaunt’s mansion in Bel Air. Each fuse costs $1,500, and you can usually buy two or three per visit. Traders unlock during the Call the Cavalry main story quest and appear on the map as a dollar sign icon, appearing in safehouses such as the Blue Crab Grill in Venice and the Lifeguard HQ at The Pier.

Once you’ve purchased a fuse from a trader, head to a fuse box and interact with it to insert the fuse. Doing so will patch up the electrical circuit and open up access to a previously inaccessible area, typically a room, garage, or closet. These contain some of the best loot in Dead Island 2, so taking the time to buy fuses whenever you have the cash and are near a trader is well worth the effort.

Dead Island 2 fuses at trader.

Fuses restock at traders, so don’t hesitate to revisit traders at regular intervals to stock up. From what we can tell, the stock of fuses seems to replenish after completing Dead Island 2 quests. There are 24 story quests in total, giving you ample opportunity to fill your inventory with fuses. Exiting to the main menu then loading up your save also appears to replenish fuse stocks at traders. In general, most times you visit a trader, they’ll have fuses for sale. We recommend carrying at least a few around as you explore just in case you come across a fuse box.

Where do you get fuses in Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 fuses can be bought from any trader in the game – the first of whom is Carlos at Emma Jaunt’s mansion in Bel-Air.

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