All Dead Island 2 legendary, unique weapons, and how to get them

All Dead Island 2 legendary, unique weapons, and how to get them
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You won’t come across any Dead Island 2 legendary weapons for quite some time in the fast-paced zombie slaying game, instead receiving only common, uncommon, rare, and superior weapons for most of your time playing the story. In fact, you only receive your first legendary weapon for completing the story itself.

However, alongside legendary weapons, there are also unique weapons, which can be of any rarity. It’s important to note that most of these Dead Island 2 weapons come as rewards for Dead Island 2 quests though, so don’t expect to loot many legendary or unique weapons while you just explore the Dead Island 2 map. Here’s what you need to know about Dead Island 2 legendary and unique weapons.

Dead Island 2 legendary weapons: Jacob swinging Emma's Wrath, the legendary hammer you get for completing the story.

Dead Island 2 legendary weapons list

Here’s the full list of Dead Island 2 legendary weapons, their type, and the quest they’re associated with:

  • Big Shot – Pistol – It’s Not Your Fault
  • Blood Rage – Knife – Fool’s Gold
  • Bodycount – Assault Rifle – [REDACTED]
  • Brutalizer – Machete – Body Art
  • Emma’s Wrath – Hammer – Hollywood Ending
  • Krakatoa – Axe – Missing: Steve
  • Party Starter – Brass Knuckles – Drunk and Disorderly
  • The One – Sword – Beacon of Hope

Dead Island 2 unique weapons list

Here are all of the Dead Island 2 unique weapons, their type, rarity, and how to acquire them:

  • Black Magic – Baseball Bat – Rare – Rose’s Storage Crate (locked safe – kill Rose zombie in Venice Beach, safe is in Rose’s Tattoo Parlour)
  • Extinction Event – Pistol – Superior – Nikki’s Bounty Reward (locked safe – kill Target Practice zombie in Beverly Hills)
  • Gastric Bypass – Hammer – Rare – Burger ’66 Locker (locked safe – kill Burger ’66 Server zombie in Venice Beach, safe is in Burger ’66 restaurant)
  • Jade Dragon – Sword – Superior – The Terror of Sound Stage 7
  • O-Kami and Whiskey – Sword – Rare – The Ballad of Rikky Rex
  • Peggy – Rifle – Superior – Creature Comforts
  • Raven – Rifle – Rare – My Mailman Was A Zombie
  • Red Dragon – Shotgun – Superior – Buy from Ocean Avenue trader
  • Shark Tooth – Sword – Superior – Dez and the Mother of Satan
  • Special Forces – Knife – Superior – Buy from Venice Beach trader
  • The Tenderizer – Hammer – Rare – Buy from Venice Beach trader
  • Wildstyle – Axe – Superior – The Art of War
  • Zom-B-Gon – Axe – Superior – Going Viral

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