Dead Island 2 bosses list

Dead Island 2 bosses list
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Looking for all the Dead Island 2 bosses? You’ll meet more than your fair share of mutated zombies as you make your way across ravaged Hell-A, but some stand out for the crowd. These bosses often dwarf their common variety counterparts, pack a major punch, and often take far more than a few slashes of your favourite cleaver to kill.

Whether you’re just starting your adventure or want to know what’s ahead, here’s a full list of Dead Island 2 bosses and during which of the Dead Island 2 quests you’ll meet them. Make sure you’re prepared before taking them on with our guides to the best Dead Island 2 skills and how to get guns in Dead Island 2.

Every Dead Island 2 boss

Here’s a list of all the Dead Island 2 bosses:

  • Becki the Bride – Room Service for Major Booker
  • Alesis Hernandez – Michael Anders and the Holy Grail
  • Dillon – The Giant-Slayer
  • MC Spitzfire – Cremains of the Day
  • Bundy – Blood Drive
  • Butcho the Clown – Boardwalking Dead
  • Specimen Noah – The Search for Truth
  • Reubenator – Hollywood Ending

Though we wouldn’t describe the Dead Island 2 bosses as particularly challenging, especially compared to other modern games that ramp up the difficulty level, they do require a more defensive playstyle. You’ll want to repair your weapons at workbench and load up on med kits and ammo before taking on any of the Dead Island 2 bosses. Guns are a massive help later in the game, but with an upgraded melee weapon and some well-timed dodging you’ll come out on top in no time.

Now you know what’s heading your way boss-wise, check out the full list of Dead Island 2 zombies, learn how to unlock Dead Island 2 fast travel, and how to get fuses in Dead Island 2 so you’ve always got one spare to patch up the many fuse boxes around Hell-A.