How to check total money spent in Valorant and your purchase history

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  • You can check your purchase history and money spent by logging on Valorant’s website with your Riot ID and going to the Support page.
  • Once on the Support page, locate Support Tools and select Purchase History under Payments.

Valorant is a free-to-play game, making it a blessing for players who don’t want to spend cash. But enticing in-game cosmetics sales can spur sudden shopping sprees. To safeguard your wallet, we’ll show you how to check your purchase history in a few simple steps.

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Real-world money can get plenty of shiny gear in Valorant. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to check how much money you’ve spent in Valorant?

Determining how much you’ve spent in Valorant is actually easy! Checking the exact dates when you paid for Valorant Points can be handy while figuring out how much of your income is going into gun cosmetics. This can also help with detecting fraud or unauthorized purchases. Follow this step-by-step guide to check how much you’ve spent in Valorant so far: 

  • Head over to Riot Games Support via your web browser, specifically, this page that takes you to your purchase history. 
  • If you didn’t follow the above link, then on the Support page locate Support Tools, then Payments, and click on Purchase History.
  • The page will prompt you to sign in using your Riot ID login credentials (username and password). Once you’ve logged in, click the red button that indicates “Get my purchase history.”
  • Clicking on the purchase history button in the middle of the page will instantly reveal your total money spent in Valorant. 

Apart from showing the total amount, the page will also enable you to keep track of your spending. A detailed list of information for each transaction is displayed on your screens, such as the date, Valorant points obtained, payment method used, and amount spent. 

Night Market sales can help you cut down on spending

With six random deals offered during each Night Market, consider these offers if you want to save money on Valorant purchases.

In relation to this, players also have the option to make a refund for their Valorant expenses by sending a “Billing, Payment, Premium Currency Refunds” request. Refunds, however, are not applicable on used cosmetics, gun buddies, agents, skin levels, Radianite points, bundles, and Battle Passes.

Valorant purchase history - An image of a player's past purchases. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Here’s what your expenses may look like. Image captured by VideoGamer.

That covers how you can check the amount you’ve spent in Valorant. Cosmetics can be rather enticing, especially when Valorant Night Market discounts show up. Updates keep bringing cooler weapon variants so be mindful of how often you splurge on purchases.

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