Is Honkai Star Rail on Steam?

Is Honkai Star Rail on Steam?
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Is Honkai Star Rail on Steam? Valve’s storefront is undeniably the most popular PC marketplace for video games, but many rival publishers outlets have tried to muscle in to grab a piece of the pie in recent years. Whether it is the glut of standalone launchers or Epic Games Store exclusivity, Steam has more competition than ever.

With that in mind, this guide outlines whether you can pick up HoYoverse’s latest effort on Steam or not. For more on the game, check out the Honkai Star Rail characters list and Is Honkai Star Rail open world?

Is Honkai Star Rail on Steam?

No, unfortunately, Honkai Star Rail isn’t available on Steam and is unlikely to ever release on Valve’s digital storefront. If you want to play the game on your PC, you will need to get it through the official website or the Epic Games Store. There is always a chance it may come to Steam in the future, but if it’s not doing so at launch, we would be surprised to see a free-to-play game make the jump. Despite launching back in 2020, Genshin Impact still isn’t available on Steam and we expect the same for Honkai Star Rail.

With Honkai Star Rail not being on Steam, the game is also not natively made to work on Steam Deck. Of course, there will likely be ways to access it like so many other games that aren’t on the Steam store, but those methods will take some work.

If you are against the way Honkai Star Rail is rolled out on PC, the game is also available on other platforms. You can download the game on Android and iOS devices, and a Honkai Star Rail PlayStation 5 release is also in the works, slated for later this year. The game is free-to-play, so you just need to set it to download and make an account to play.

If you want to earn some rewards to hit the ground running in Honkai Star Rail, don’t miss out on Honkai Star Rail Twitch drops. Otherwise, check out the Honkai Star Rail cross platform save situation if you plan on jumping between platforms but won’t to carry over your progress.