Is Honkai Star Rail free?

Is Honkai Star Rail free?
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Is Honkai Star Rail free? The latest RPG from miHoYo will have plenty of people excited about the opportunity to jump into a new world, but can you expect a game as accessible as Genshin Impact?

Here’s everything we know about whether Honkai Star Rail will be free. For more on the game, check out our guide to Honkai Star Rail landing on switch and Honkai Star Rail characters.

Is Honkai Star Rail a free-to-play game?

Yes, Honkai Star Rail is free to download and play, in the same vein as Genshin Impact. You can currently download it on your Android or iOS mobile device and PC. It will also be free to download on PlayStation when it is available there.

While the game is free and you are under no obligation to put any money towards it, there are in-game micro-transactions you can make to acquire new characters and various currencies. You can get a lot of stuff by grinding through the game, but you will earn more and get it much faster by paying, as is the standard in free-to-play titles.

At the end of the day, Honkai Star Rail has to push players to pay at least a little bit so it can be considered a success and keep operating. People who pay up will have many more chances to get the items they want over those who are free.

If you are on the fence about how much time and potential money you want to put into Honkai Star Rail read up on the incoming release and pre-registration information. It’s already proving to be highly anticipated with more than 10 million people eagerly waiting to play.