Is Honkai Star Rail open world?

Is Honkai Star Rail open world?
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Is Honkai Star Rail open world? Following after Genshin Impact, there will be plenty of people jumping over to the new game expecting a similar experience. Is that realistic? How much of a difference is there between the two games, or do they offer an identical experience?

In this guide, we’ll cover whether Honkai Star Rail features an open world and how its world layout works. For more on the successor to Genshin Impact, check out the Honkai Star Rail characters and Is Honkai Star Rail free?

Is Honkai Star Rail an open world game?

Honkai Star Rail is not an open world game as we would normally expect it, at least compared to Genshin Impact. The better explanation is that Honkai Star Rail features a semi-open world. While you can explore areas, they are not nearly as large as those in Genshin Impact, and you will have to load more sections individually. With the game being a slower experience focused on turn-based combat, the game is better suited to this more condensed world layout.

For people who enjoy playing in large expansive sandbox worlds, you might be a little let down by the amount of loading screens woven between Honkai Star Rail’s gameplay. If you spent hundreds of hours exploring Genshin Impact’s map, don’t expect the same experience in Honkai Star Rail. The areas are noticeably smaller, so don’t go in expecting a large Breath of the Wild clone again this time around.

While the Honkai Star Rail world is not as expansive as Genshin Impact, there is still plenty of content to enjoy if you are into this kind of game. For example, you can deploy Honkai Star Rail private servers to play with friends, and you should expect a high Honkai Star Rail frame rate, regardless of platform.