Hogwarts Legacy Companions List – All Companions and How to Unlock

Hogwarts Legacy Companions List – All Companions and How to Unlock
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Hogwarts Legacy is in early access and currently being played by thousands of gamers around the world. The open-world game features a massive Wizarding World to explore, spells to learn, beasts to tame and… a chance to make new friends or, as they’re called in Hogwarts Legacy, Companions.

They’ll give you quests, known as relationship lines, to complete, teach you knew spells, and share their stories as you develop a deep bond with each. They can be drafted in to fight alongside you in duels, will help you breed and befriend beasts, or lend a hand uncovering the many secrets lurking in the halls and corridors of the famed wizarding school.

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Here, we go through who you’ll meet and detail a bit about them – so if you’re after a spoiler-free experience, we recommend proceeding with caution here.

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Hogwarts Legacy Companions

Hogwarts Legacy Companions List - All Companions and How to Unlock

Here’s a list of who you’ll meet during your Hogwarts Legacy adventure. There are four companions in the game.

  • Sebastian Sallow – House Slytherin

Charismatic and confident, but never arrogant, Sebastian is partial to a bit of mischief, eager to delve into the secrets of the wizarding school and dabble in the dark arts against the better judgment of the school’s professors. Though his thirst for mystery is always present, it’s motivated by a desire to aid his curse-striken sister.

  • Natsai Onai – House Gryffindor

Head-strong, brave, and determined as is customary for a Gryffindor, Natsai Onai is a deft wand handler, and happy to fight your corner in duels. Plucked from Matabeland and swept off to the rainy climes of Scotland, Onai is adapting to her new life, which makes her a kindred spirit as you experience your first few days at Hogwarts.

  • Poppy Sweeting – House Hufflepuff

A kind-hearted and compassionate soul, whose sweetness lives up to her name, Poppy Sweeting will fight tooth and nail to defend the interests of the beasts inhabiting the lands around Hogwarts, chiefly against opportunistic poachers. She soon takes a keen liking to your character and introduces you to some of the game’s more majestic creatures and will help you befriend them.

  • Amit Thakkar – House Ravenclaw

A budding historian, Amit’s head is often among words or the stars. Amit makes up for what he lacks in adventurous spirit, in near-infinite knowledge and a steadfast desire to help others.

How to Unlock Companions in Hogwarts Legacy

You’ll meet and unlock all four companions by progressing the main story quest, chiefly by attending the various classes around Hogwarts in the early stages of Hogwarts Legacy.

  • Sebastian Sallow – Sebastian is first introduced during the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class main story quest.
  • Natasi Onai – You’ll first meet Natty Onai during the Charms Class main story quest.
  • Poppy Sweeting – You’ll first encounter Poppy Sweeting during the Beasts Class main story quest
  • Amit Thakkar – We’ve yet to encounter Amit Thakkar in any meaningful way in our playthrough so far. From what we understand, he play a much less signficiant companion role than the other three. We’ll keep an eye out an update this article with more information as we deepen our relationship with Amit.

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