How to get Geppo in GPO

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Wondering how to get Geppo in GPO? Whether it’s during combat or simply to get around, Geppo (also known as sky jump and sky walk) is one of the best abilities you can get in Grand Piece Online. If you don’t have it yet, we recommend it enough, though getting it may require some grinding for Peli if you’re only just starting your pirating adventure.

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Where to get Geppo in GPO

To get Geppo in GPO, you’ll need to buy it for 50,000 Peli from Yi on Coco Island. The NPC can be found on the highest point of the island overlooking the sea. He stands out because of his horns and long, green hair. 

Alternatively, you can also get Geppo from the Rokushiki and Black Leg fighting styles, available from the Mysterious Tower and Baratie, respectively. However, these are part of those styles’ movesets rather than the skill itself. It’s a good stop gap until you’ve earned enough Peli to buy it outright from Yi.

Once, you have Geppo, jump then jump again to rise up through the air, kicking off with each jump. You can jump as many times as you want, only limited by your max stamina. Each use of Geppo costs only 1% stamina.
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