Shadovis RPG Codes (May 2024) to get free items, XP, and tokens

Shadovis RPG Codes (May 2024) to get free items, XP, and tokens
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  • Try codes like mirage, 7500Likes, and twindrake for rewards in Shadovis RPG.

Roblox game Shadovis RPG has the making of the next big hit among the platform’s role-playing games. You’ll explore six different realms gathering all manner of loot, gear, and weapons to become the most revered warrior in the land. If you’re looking for a welcome boost from free gifts, event tokens, and weapons, these Shadovis RPG codes should come in handy.

Shadovis RPG codes: An assassin next to the player. Image captured by VideoGamer.
You’ll find a variety of NPCs during your adventures. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Active Roblox Shadovis RPG codes list

Here is a full list of the latest active Shadovis RPG codes that we’ve tested to be valid in the game. Shadovis RPG developer The Elemental regularly releases new codes via the game’s social media channels, chiefly Twitter and YouTube. It’s well worth following them to know when a new code drops. We updated this list on May 17, 2024.

Shadovis RPG CodesRewards
mirageRedeem to get 1 hour of +200% EXP Boost
7500LikesRedeem to get a Gold Ring
burningRedeem to get a Faux Firebrand
100kfavsRedeem to get a Flying Star Charm
saveslotsRedeem to get 1 hour of +400% EXP boost
twindrakeRedeem to get Twin drake daggers (requires 23 rebirths)
minionmasterRedeem to get Minion master tome (requires 25 rebirths)
iloveshadovisRedeem to get 1 hour of +50% EXP boost
iloveshadoviaRedeem to get 1 hour of +50% EXP boost
overlordRedeem to get The Great Pour (requires 10 rebirths)
craftRedeem to get Ring of Transmutation
joindiscordRedeem to get Leafy Sprig
75000likesRedeem to get Dusk Blade
photonRedeem to get Photon Ring
100kfavsRedeem to get Flying Star
voidRedeem to get Magic Star
7500likesRedeem to get Gold Ring
Active Shadovis RPG codes.

Expired codes

Here are the expired codes that no longer work in the game.

50000likesRedeem to get Giant Bo Staff
sleepyRedeem to get +100% XP (1 Hour)
frostedRedeem to get +100% EXP (1 hour)
freebieRedeem to get 1,000 Winter’s Delight tokens
25000likesRedeem to get Party Hat
rockinRedeem to get Rewards
15000likesRedeem to get Party Bazooka
twitterRedeem to get Fledgling Ringlet
millionRedeem to get Wanwood Antlers
late update enjoyersRedeem to get +100% EXP (1 hour)
bellsRedeem to get 125 Winter’s Delight tokens
jingleRedeem to get 75 tokens
60000likesRedeem to get Charged Ice Dagger
crafting enjoyerRedeem to get +100% XP (1 Hour)
bruhhRedeem to get 175 Christmas Events Tokens
woopsRedeem to get 525 Christmas Events Tokens
brokenasgameRedeem to get 69 Hallow’s Eve Token
hauntingRedeem to get 75 Hallow’s Eve Token
swagRedeem to get Bonus 100% XP for an hour
scaryRedeem to get 50 Hallow’s Eve Tokens
rockinRedeem to get Rewards
saucyRedeem to get Vampire Charm
falchionRedeem to get Champion Falchion
million2Redeem to get Wanwood Antlers
clawsRedeem to get Rewards
500likesRedeem to get Party Cap
breezyRedeem to get Rewards
Expired codes.
Shadovis RPG codes: The redeem screen. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Here’s the redeem screen in the game. Image captured by VideoGamer.

How to redeem Shadovis RPG codes

Redeeming codes is straightforward. Here’s how to redeem codes and snap up all the freebies on offer:

  • Launch Shadovis RPG on the Roblox app or website on your PC or mobile device.
  • Click on the Shop icon (represented by a dollar sign symbol) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Enter a code into the grey ‘Enter Code’ text box located at the bottom of the Shop window.
  • Tap Enter on your keyboard.

Note that codes are cap-sensitive. This means that you have to write these codes as it is. And remember that these can only be used once per account.

What is Shadovis RPG?

Shadovis RPG is a Roblox game that loosely falls into the action role-playing game category. Players are let loose in a series of realms to loot weapons and gear as they strive to become the fiercest warrior around. Check out our Shindo Life Codes if you’re looking for more code boosts.

Why aren’t any Shadovis RPG codes working?

The most likely reason why a code isn’t working is that it’s expired. If you’re sure the code is active, then check that you’re inputting it correctly. Codes are case-sensitive, so remember to add capitals and numerals as they’re shown above. The game will inform you if a code has expired when you hit enter after typing it out.