How to get devil fruit in GPO – Grand Piece Online

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Want to know how to get devil fruit in GPO? Ruling the seas is hard work, but devil fruit can make the task a lot easier. But, they are difficult to get, especially if you’re just starting out in Grand Piece Online. When your character consumes a devil fruit, you’ll unlock powerful new abilities that make you a seafarer to be feared.

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How to get devil fruit in Grand Piece Online

You can get devil fruit in GPO by trading, completing dungeons, winning in battle royale, fighting sea serpents and krakens, and farming enemy ships. Note that you’ll need to hit level 100 before you can start getting devil fruit, so concentrate on levelling up your character before you turn to farming devil fruit.

Ship farming

Devil fruit is a drop for destroying enemy marine ships like galleons and carvels. The rate is low, which makes this the worst way to get devil fruit in terms of efficiency, but you’ll come across enemy ships often so it’s worth doing when you’re out sailing the seas.

Sea Serpents and Krakens

Defeating Sea Serpent and Kraken bosses has a chance of giving you a devil fruit drop. It’s a more efficient method than ship farming, though these sea creatures aren’t quite as easily found as enemy ships. But, you shouldn’t have too much trouble picking up a nice haul of devil fruit with this method.

Completing Dungeons in GPO for devil fruit

The best way to get devil fruit in GPO is to complete dungeons, which are available in the dedicated GPO online dungeons mode. These dungeons are basically arenas where you need to defeat waves of enemies. Beating them grants you devil fruit.


Finally, the last way to get devil fruit is to trade with other players. The issue with this method is that you’ll need items to trade and new players often don’t have much to trade. Save this method for when you are on the hunt for legendary devil fruit and have plenty of items to trade.

Battle Royale mode

Winning a Battle Royale mode grants you a legendary fruit chest in solo, while wins in duos and squads grant a rare fruit chest.

Battle Pass rewards

Devil Fruit are available as rewards for progressing the Battle Pass, though you’ll need to buy the pass in the first place to rare fruit chests and legendary fruit chests.

That’s all there is to how to get devil fruit in GPO. If you also like to play other Roblox games, we also have guides covering GPO codes, Fruit Battlegrounds codes, King Legacy codes, Shadovis RPG codes, Project Slayers codes, Anime Power Tycoon codes, Da Hood codes, and Shindo Life codes. We keep them updated, so check back regularly for the latest codes.

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