King Legacy codes (April 2024) – free Beli and gems

King Legacy codes (April 2024) – free Beli and gems
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If you’re looking for the latest King Legacy codes, then you’ve come to the right place. Based on the world of One Piece, it’s one of the biggest games on Roblox, and we’ve put together all the newest codes for King Legacy so you can unlock all sorts of things including free in-game currency like Beli and Gems, experience boosts, stat resets and more.

And you’ll want to keep your stock of Beli and Gems high since you can use them to buy all sorts of powerful in-game items, like swords, fighting styles, and even rare and powerful Devil Fruits to help rank up whether you’re a Pirate or Marine.

King Legacy codes: The Legacy Fruit Shop showing Devil Fruits that can be purchased with Gems
Many codes will give you free Gems to buy items in-game. Image captured by VideoGamer

All active King Legacy codes

Here is a full list of the most recent working King Legacy codes that you can redeem right now, updated on 9 April 2024:

ExperienceDoublingRedeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP
10KYZX-4LPQ8-WFJRedeem for a stat reset
shutdownhotfixRedeem for two Gold Keys
YT10KRedeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP
Peodiz10kRedeem for 10 Gems
Sub2LeepunggRedeem for 30 minutes of 2x XP and 10 Gems
2MFAVRedeem for a stat reset
Currrently available codes for King Legacy

Top Tip

We regularly update out list of codes so be sure to check back to make sure you’re not missing out on any.

All expired King Legacy codes

These expired King Legacy codes have already been removed from the game:

  • quickshutdown
  • DinoxLive
  • Peodiz
  • Update4.7
  • Halloween2023
  • quickshutdown
  • 1MLikes
  • 2BVisits
  • Update4.6YAY
  • Thx4Waiting
  • 2023
  • Peodiz 
  • DinoxLive 
  • 3xilescha1r
  • UPDATE4.5.3 
  • 950KLIKES 
  • 2023
  • delayedchristmas2022
  • 900KLIKES
  • UPDATE4.0.2
  • UPDATE4.5.0
  • UPDATE4.5.2
  • lagshallnotpass
  • 650KLIKES
  • UPDATE3.5
  • Update3_17
  • 550KLIKES
  • Update3 
  • 500KLIKES 
  • 300KLIKES 
  • 400KLIKES 
  • 900KFAV 
  • 800KFAV 
  • 700KFAV 
  • 600KFAV 
  • Update2_17 
  • BeckyStyle 
  • 300MVISITS 
  • 500KFAV 
  • 250KLIKES 
  • GasGas 
  • KingPieceComeBack 
  • NewDragon 
  • Brachio 
  • 150KLIKES 
  • 200MVISITS 
  • 300KFAV 
  • Update2_16 
  • UpdateGem
  • 20MVisit
  • 22kLike
  • 23kLike
  • 26kLikes
  • 35MVisit
  • 45KLIKES
  • 45MVISIT
  • 50KLIKES
  • 70KLIKES
  • 90KFavorites
  • 100KFAV
  • BeckComeBack
  • BestEvil
  • Makalov
  • Merry Christmas
  • OpOp
  • Peerapat
  • QuakeQuake
  • Shadow
  • Snow
  • String
  • TanTaiGaming
  • Threeramate
King Legacy codes: Redeeming a code in King Legacy
You can enter codes at the bottom of the settings menu. Image captured by VideoGamer

How to redeem King Legacy codes

Redeeming codes in King Legacy is simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Log into King Legacy via Roblox 
  2. Click the ‘Menu’ button beneath your HP bar
  3. Click the cog icon to enter the Settings menu
  4. Type or copy and paste your code into the ‘Enter Code’ text box at the bottom of the menu
  5. Click ‘Use’
  6. Enjoy your free rewards

Why won’t my King Legacy codes work?

King Legacy codes are case-sensitive, so you need to type them in exactly as they appear. Codes also may not last very long, so it’s possible that the code you’re using has unexpectedly expired already.

Be aware too that you can only redeem rewards once your account is at least 30 days old. If you’ve just made a brand-new account, you will not be able to redeem any of the codes above.

How do you get more King Legacy codes?

The best place to find new King Legacy codes is on the official X (formerly Twitter) account. Alternatively, you could also join the game’s official Discord server, where developers routinely share new codes too.

That’s all you need to know about how to redeem your King Legacy codes. Make sure to check out our King Legacy level guide, King Legacy map and King Legacy fruits tier list for some great guides on the game.