How to get haki in GPO – Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku

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Wondering how to get haki in GPO? Those lucky enough to have a Logia devil fruit often feel invincible to others, but there’s a spiritual energy called haki that comes in two forms to help take them on. The first, Busoshoku, grants your weapons a special coating designed to damage Logia players. The second, called Kenbunshoku, allows your character to dodge up to 10 attacks automatically. Unfortunately, it’s very rare and hard to come by.

We’ll explain how to get haki in GPO. For more help surviving the seas, check out the latest GPO codes, including freebies like free rolls, drop boosts, SP resets, and much more. We also have a guide covering how to get devil fruit if that’s of interest to you.

How to get Busoshoku haki in GPO

Before you can get the Busoshoku haki, you need to be at level 80 and have 25,000 Peli. Once you’ve done that, travel to Kori Island and talk to the character called Ray at the highest point of the island.

He’ll give you a quest to kill 100 Yetis. Completing the quest gives you the Busoshoku Haki. Note that you’ll then need to train up Busoshoku haki through training, which simply means using it as often as possible to increase how long it’s active and how powerful it is.

How to get Kenbunshoku haki in GPO

To get the Kenbushoku haki in GPO, pick the quest to complete 200 perfect blocks from the character Rogson in the Land of the Sky. You’ll find him next to Golden City in the Thunder God’s house.

Once the quest is completed, you’ll get the Kenbunshoku haki, which is activated by tapping the G key on your keyboard. Like the Busoshoku haki, you can train the Kenbunshoku haki simply by using it.

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