Genshin Impact – Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials complete levelling guide

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Are you looking for Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials? We have you covered with our comprehensive levelling guide. As the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun is one of the best characters in the game, and for good reason.

With a focus on Energy Recharge, Raiden Shogun can simultaneously deal massive Electro DMG while also being a battery for your team’s Bursts by recharging them faster. If you have Raiden Shogun, Ascending her and investing in her Talents should be your top priority.

For more Genshin Impact, read our guides covering all the current Genshin codes, the best builds for Bennett, and Bennett’s Talent materials. Now, on to Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension Materials in Genshin Impact.

Raiden Shogun Ascension Materials

Genshin Impact - Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials: Menu shows the materials needed to ascend
Genshin Impact – Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials: Menu shows the materials needed to ascend. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

If you’ve played Genshin, you’ll be familiar with how levelling your characters play out. Every character has an Ascension phase, and as you level up you will hit a level cap that requires Ascension materials to increase the cap and continue levelling.

This can be a lengthy process since you will need to use your Resin to acquire specific World Boss materials. Ascension Materials can be in short supply depending on what you need, but thankfully for Raiden the local speciality she needs can be found in massive quantities.

Here are the Raiden Shogun Ascension Materials you’ll need to farm:

Raiden Shogun Ascension PhaseRaiden Shogun Ascension MaterialsMora
Level 20x1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
x3 Amakumo Fruit,
x3 Old Hanguard
Level 40x3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment,
x10 Amakumo Fruit,
x15 Old Handguard
x2 Storm Beads
Level 50x6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment,
x20 Amakumo Fruit,
x12 Kageuchi Handguard
x4 Storm Beads
Level 60x3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk,
x30 Amakumo Fruit,
x18 Kageuchi Handguard,
x8 Storm Beads
Level 70x6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk,
x45 Amakumo Fruit,
x12 Famed Handguard,
x12 Storm Beads
Level 80x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone,
x60 Amakumo Fruit,
x24 Famed Handguard,
x20 Storm Beads

In total, Raiden Shogun needs all of these Ascension materials to Ascend from level 20 to 90 in Genshin Impact fully:

  • x1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
  • x9 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
  • x9 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
  • x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
  • x18 Old Handguard
  • x30 Kageuchi Handguard
  • x36 Famed Handguard
  • x46 Storm Beads
  • x168 Amakumo Fruit
  • 420,000 Mora

World Boss Drop – Storm Beads

The Storm Beads are dropped by the Thunder Manifestation World Boss. You can find this boss at Amakumo Peak in Inazuma, which is part of Seirai Island. After you beat the Thunder Manifestation, you must spend 40 Resin to collect the rewards for a chance to get Storm Beads. Each time you collect a reward at max World Level, you have a guaranteed chance to get two boss drops per collection, but there is a slight chance to get three.

✓ Jack’s advice

Bring ranged characters

The Thunder Manifestation spends a lot of time flying around, making it difficult to land melee hits. To fight it effectively, bring characters like Ganyu, Yoimiya, or any other strong bow user who isn’t Electro.

Regional Speciality – Amakumo Fruit

Raiden Shogun Ascension materials - Amakumo Fruit
Raiden Shogun Ascension materials – Amakumo Fruit. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Amakumo Fruit can be collected specifically around Amakumo Peak in Inazuma. Thankfully, each node of this fruit will give you two fruit. Better yet, there are more than enough around Amakumo Peak to get roughly 140 Amakumo Fruit. For more help finding them, you can bring Gorou with you in your teams if you have her since he will mark Inazuma regional specialities on your minimap.

Raiden Shogun Talent Materials

A screenshot of a screen showing a list of items for Genshin Impact's Raiden Shogun talent and ascension materials.
Famed Handguard is needed for Raiden Talent materials. (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Now you’ve got all of Raiden’s Ascension materials, you will need to farm Raiden Shogun Talent Materials to improve all of her abilities. Levelling Talents in Genshin is massively important for improving a character’s kit, as doing so will improve their damage, Skill, and Burst.

Every character has three Talents that can be levelled from one to 10, powering up your Normal Attack, Skill, and Burst. To get to level 10 of any Talent you will need several materials and a ton of Mora. The Crown of Insight item is needed for the final rank of the Talent to ‘Crown’ your Talent at level 10.

Each Talent also requires a specific Talent Books and Raiden Shogun needs Light Talent Books that can be farmed from the Violet Court Domain in Inazuma. Use the table we’ve made below to see all the Raiden Shogun Talent materials you need to farm:

Raiden Shogun Talent LevelRaiden Shogun Talent MaterialsMora
Level 2x3 Teachings of Light, x6 Old Handguard12,500
Level 3x2 Guide to Light, x3 Kageuchi Handguard17,500
Level 4x4 Guide to Light, x4 Kageuchi Handguard25,000
Level 5x6 Guide to Light, x6 Kageuchi Handguard30,000
Level 6x9 Guide to Light, x9 Kageuchi Handguard37,500
Level 7x4 Philosophies of Light, x4 Famed Handguard, x1 Molten Moment120,000
Level 8x6 Philosophies of Light, x6 Famed Handguard, x1 Molten Moment260,000
Level 9x12 Philosophies of Light, x9 Famed Handguard, x2 Molten Moment450,000
Level 10x16 Philosophies of Light, x12 Famed Handguard, x2 Molten Moment, x1 Crown of Insight700,000
✓ Jack’s Advice

Raiden Shogun Talent Books

Books of Light are available from the Violet Court Domain on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday

These are all the Raiden Shogun Talent Materials you need to fully upgrade one Talent from level one to 10. 

  • x3 Teachings of Light
  • x6 Old Handguard
  • x6 Molten Moment
  • x21 Guide to Light
  • x22 Kageuchi Handguard
  • x31 Famed Handguard
  • x38 Philosophies of Light
  • 1,652,500 Mora
  • x1 Crown of Insight

If you want to upgrade all three of Raiden Shogun’s Talents, you will need triple the Talent materials. Use this list below to check the total:

  • x9 Teachings of Light
  • x18 Old Handguard
  • x18 Molten Moment
  • x63 Guide to Light
  • x66 Kageuchi Handguard
  • x93 Famed Handguard
  • x114 Philosophies of Light
  • 1,652,500 Mora
  • x3 Crown of Insight

Trounce Domain boss drop – Molten Moment

The Weekly Boss drop for Raiden Shogun’s Talents is Molten Moment, which can be farmed from fighting Signora in the Duel to the Fiery Death Trounce Domain in Inazuma City. To fight this Weekly Boss, you need to go to the southernmost area of Inazuma City, to Raiden Shogun’s throne room.

Raiden Shogun’s Kit explained

Every character in Genshin Impact has several Talents. Three of these Talents – your Normal Attack, Skill, and Burst – can be levelled by using Talent materials, while other passive abilities are tied to character Ascension. For Raiden Shogun, let’s examine her Talents and explain her abilities.

Raiden Shogun TalentEffect
Normal Attack: OriginRaiden Shogun performs a five-hit combo with her Polearm. You can use a Charged Attack that performs an upward swing at the cost of stamina. Raiden Shogun can also perform a plunging attack from midair.
Elemental Skill: Transcendence: Baleful OmenRaiden summons the Eye of Stormy Judgement when you use her skill. When summoned, the eye will deal AoE Electro DMG. When a character attack hits an enemy while this effect is active, Raiden’s Skill will also hit enemies with an Electro attack. This coordinated attack can trigger every 0.9 seconds.
Elemental Burst: Secret Art: Musou ShinsetsuRaiden’s Burst unleashes the Mosou no Hitotachi, summing an Electro-infused sword. Her Burst changes her attack pattern and she deals huge Electro DMG with each hit. When you hit an enemy during Raiden’s Burst, the whole party will recover a portion of Energy.
First Passive: Wishes UnnumberedWhen nearby party members gain Elemental Orbs or Particles, Raiden gains two stacks of Resolve. Resolve is indicated by the purple ring behind your character when Raiden’s Skill is active. With full Resolve stacks, Raiden’s Burst will do increased damage.
Second Passive: Enlightened OneEach 1% above 100% Energy Recharge that Raiden Shogun has gives her 0.6% Energy regeneration from her Burst. It will also grant a 0.4% Electro DMG Bonus.
Third Passive: All PreserverReduce the Mora cost of Ascending Swords and Polearms by 50%.

That’s all you need to know about Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials. For more Genshin Impact, make sure you read our guide covering Ayaka Talent materials, Navia Talent materials, and the best builds for Raiden Shogun.

Raiden Shogun Talent and Ascension materials FAQs

Where can I farm Handguard materials?

Old Handguards, Kageuchi Handguards, and Famed Handguards can be obtained by defeating Nobushi enemies and other samurai foes found in Inazuma.

What days are Raiden Shogun Talent Books up?

Teachings of Light, Guide to Light, and Philosophies of Light can be farmed on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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