Genshin Impact: How to get to Inazuma – unlock conditions and pre-requisites

Genshin Impact: How to get to Inazuma – unlock conditions and pre-requisites
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This guide covers how to get to Inazuma in Genshin Impact. Inazuma is technically the third region you get to explore in Genshin Impact, and getting there is tied directly to the main Archon Quest. It is far away, being separate from the main landmass that has Mondstadt, Liyue, Sumeru, and Fontaine.

Since Inazuma is so far away, and locked behind the Archon quests, getting there is no easy feat. We’ve played well past Inazuma in Genshin, and we’re going to lay out the best and quickest way to reach the region so you can keep exploring.

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How to get to Inazuma fast

To reach Inazuma, the land of thunder and the Electro Archon, you must complete the main story quest Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia, and you must be Adventure Rank 30 to first unlock this quest.

In Genshin Impact there are four main nations currently playable – Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fontaine. Each of these areas is tied to the main Archon quest, which means the game follows a natural progression to these different areas. Follow these steps to get from Liyue to Inazuma:

Map showing the location of the Crux ship in Liyue in Genshin Impact.
  • Once you’ve finished the Archon quest in Liyue, you will unlock a new Archon quest called “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves”. There will be a notification in-game telling you when the next quest is available, and you will need to be AR 30 to get this to unlock.
  • When it unlocks, talk to Katheryne in Liyue and she will begin the cutscene for Chapter II: Act 1 – The Immortal God and the Eternal Euthymia. This quest will lead you to a member of the Crux, the ship you will use to sail to Inazuma.
  • Once you visit the Crux in Guyun Stone Forest, you can talk to Beidou who will ask you if you’re ready to set sail to Inazuma. Once you do, you will arrive in Inazuma and see a short cutscene of you arriving in a small town called Ritou.
Kazuha appears posing in Ritou in Inazuma in Genshin Impact
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Raising Adventure Rank

The best way to raise your Adventure Rank is to complete Daily Commissions, World Quests, and Archon Quests. Outside of this, exploring and spending Resin on Ley Lines and other activities will all net you plenty of EXP to raise your AR.

Congratulations! With that, you will have found your way to Inazuma and you have an entirely new region to explore, replete with treasures, quests, secrets, and free Primogems to snag. The Archon Quest in Inazuma will naturally lead you back to Liyue and the Chasm, which is how you will get to Sumeru and on to Fontaine.

There are some other unconventional ways to get to Inazuma, like creating an ice bridge by using Wriothseley and other Cryo characters to cross the vast ocean separating Liyue and Inazuma. However, this takes an extremely long time and you will have to contend with targeted lightning strikes keeping you away. An easier way to do this would be to use Furina since her Skill lets you walk on water indefinitely.

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Getting to Inazuma FAQs

Can I get there without going to Liyue?

Yes! But we do not recommend this at all. You can get to Inazuma with enough effort from the very start of the game, but you will not be able to activate any of the quests until you hit AR 30 and begin the Archon Quest there.

What is an ice bridge?

An ice bridge is a term given by the community that involves using Cryo to freeze water and walk across the ice that forms like a bridge. Kaeya is good at this, as is Charlotte, and now Wriothelsey has been added to the game he is the best of the best.