Where to find a War Bus in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3

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Fortnite War Buses

  • War Buses have no set spawn location and travel around the map during games
  • They can often be found accompanying Megalo Don or The Machinist
  • They’re always guarded by three Patrollers that need to be taken out before stealing it

Out of all of the massive changes brought to Fortnite in the latest Season, like new bosses and wacky new weapons, it’s the changes to vehicles that have really captured players’ imaginations. And there are few vehicles that players have been as excited for as the War Bus.

So if you’re looking to take your vehicular combat to the next level and get yourself a War Bus, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take you through what you need to know including where to find one and how to use it.

Fortnite where to find a War Bus: A map of Fortnite with a yellow ring surrounding Megalo Don's Medallion.
War Buses often accompany Megalo Don or The Machinist. Image captured by VideoGamer

War Bus location in Fortnite

The War Bus doesn’t spawn in a specific location on the map. Instead, it will travel around the island, patrolling certain areas. The easiest way to find one is typically to look for The Machinist or Megalo Don as they travel around, as they’ll often have a War Bus accompanying them. Keep an eye out for their Medallion icons on the map.

Aside from that, War Buses can be found throughout the map, but with no way to find them on the map, you’ll instead need to try and hear them. Keep listening for the loud music that blasts from the bus and follow it until you find one.

How to take over a War Bus in Fortnite

Taking over a War Bus is simply a matter of killing the Patrollers that are on board. One Patroller will be driving, while the other two operate the cannons. We recommend killing the driver first to bring the vehicle to a stop before taking out the other two. Once the three are down, you can simply jump into the driver’s seat yourself and head off.

How to use the War Bus in Fortnite

The War Bus isn’t your average vehicle, and comes with some unique benefits, most notably the two cannons it has. With one cannon at the front and one on the back, you can have two teammates man them to defend you while driving.

The War Bus also has an EMP that you can use by honking your horn, which will disable all vehicles in a small area around you for a short time. It has a pretty long cooldown, however, so use it wisely.

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