Final Fantasy XIV: Dungeon Tips for Beginners

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Final Fantasy XIV is a fantasy-based MMORPG, and with these types of games comes the ability to explore unique and fun dungeons, either alone, with strangers, or with your friends by your side.

However, many beginners have difficulties getting through dungeons, may that be because of the difficulty, the fact that coordinating with teammates becomes a crucial factor, or any other reason.

Therefore, we’re here with seven crucial tips that will help beginner FFXIV players with conquering their first few dungeons in the game easily.

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1. Acknowledge That You’re a Beginner

MMORPG players generally tend to not want to let other players know they’re a beginner at the game. After all, that’s why so many of them get rid of the sprout that’s intended to accomplish that exact thing.

However, when you’re about to enter a dungeon, it might be a good idea to let your party members know you’re a beginner at the game, just to ensure they don’t end up expecting too much from you.

Additionally, by telling your party members beforehand that you’re a beginner, they’ll be less likely to flame you and chances are they’ll be more understanding if you end up making mistakes.

2. Know What to Expect

We know many players like to go in blind when it comes to experiences like dungeon crawling, but there’s no harm in checking out what types of enemies you can expect before you go in, just so you could be more prepared.

Therefore, it might be worth looking at the approximate levels of the enemies and bosses, as well as other additional things that might be helpful to you, such as which enemies can’t be stunned, or if there’s an enemy you have to specifically watch out for.

There are also several enemies in this game that have their bars flash from time to time. If you see this happening, then that means the attack the enemy is doing can be interrupted. This is the right time to either use an attack of your own that interrupts enemy attacks or to just go for a good old fashioned stun.

3. Know Your Role

Final Fantasy XIV is a game where roles play a huge part in successfully clearing difficult dungeons. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to stick to your role so your party knows what to expect.

For example, a tank’s job is to soak up damage to ensure the rest of their teammates are able to last long enough to fulfill their own duties.

Most new players starting off instantly go for a DPS role. After all, who doesn’t like dealing insane amounts of damage to get their party through the dungeon? However, in a game like this, it’s important to make compromises and play for the team.

4. Healers Are Not Heal Bots

We know this one kind of relates to the previous tip, but we felt as if this deserved to get its own portion. Many players assume that a healer’s job is to only heal, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Instead, not only are healers encouraged to deal at least some, but they’re also expected to deal some sort of damage as well, especially when it comes to dungeon raids. Now, this doesn’t mean you should neglect healing entirely.

Try to keep the team alive while dealing in any damage you can in between, no matter how minor it may be. Eventually, you’ll make it a habit of actively looking for opportunities to deal damage while healing.

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5. Avoid Kiting

Kiting in a game like FFXIV means running from a mob that has aggro on you, all while dealing damage when you can. While players assume this should be done, that isn’t the case, at least in this game.

As a matter of fact, with the way hit registration and network latency work in FFXIV, kiting is more or less impossible to pull off properly, at least the ‘not getting hit’ kiting most players think of when this term is brought up.

Instead, if you aren’t the tank and you find a mob’s aggro on you, immediately run toward your tank, and let them take it from there. This is mostly because maintaining aggro is a tank’s job, and they rely on it to use a bunch of their abilities as well.

6. Try to Be Understanding

We understand that it can get extremely infuriating when your party members aren’t able to perform in dungeons the way they should, but flaming, trolling, and being toxic in general is something you should never do.

Remember that the players in front of you are human beings trying to have fun by playing this game as well, and everyone has off days where they just aren’t able to perform. After all, you wouldn’t want someone else to flame you when you aren’t able to perform, would you?

7. Greed Is Good

In FFXIV, there’s a need, greed, and pass system, where every time your party comes across a chest, players get the option to pick any one of the three options. How it works is that those who press ‘need’ are prioritized over those who pick ‘greed’, who are in turn prioritized over those who pass.

Many players assume that being greedy is a bad thing when that couldn’t be further from the truth. If you don’t really need something, then it’s still always okay to press on greed. After all, all of you are running the same dungeon, and if someone doesn’t need something then it’s fair game.

If you find yourself with stuff you don’t need, then you could simply go and sell it in the market board, or trade them in for seals.

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These were seven crucial tips for beginners regarding dungeons. There is, however, one tip we left out, and that’s to have fun. Remember that the number one aim of this game is to be enjoyed, and that’s what you should be doing.

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