How to get the Moogle Trio Summon in FF7 Rebirth

How to get the Moogle Trio Summon in FF7 Rebirth
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Wondering how to get the Moogle Trio Summon in FF7 Rebirth? While not our first pick to lead the charge in a fight, these mushroom-dwelling critters certainly don’t lack cheek nor mischievousness. In any case, they are among the around half-a-dozen summons you can pick up in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Or, at least, they are if you’ve spent your money right.

We’ll explain how to get the Moogle Trio Summon in FF7 Rebirth, or more specifically, if you can get the summon. For more FF7 Rebirth help, check out the full trophies and achievement list, how to level up fast, the best Materia to get in FF7 Rebirth, and our beginner’s guide, which has a growing list of useful tips and tricks to start your journey across Gaia the right way.

Where to get the Moogle Trio Summon in FF7 Rebirth

To get the Moogle Trio Summoning Materia in FF7 Rebirth, you’ll need to have pre-ordered any digital edition of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth or bought Collector’s Edition. The Summon is included as a digital in-game bonus DLC to accompany the $350 physical Collector’s Edition, which included a Sephiroth statue, art book, and other goodies.

If you pre-ordered the game, you can claim the Moogle Trio by selecting Bonus in the main menu. Unfortunately, if you didn’t pre-oder the game there’s currently no way to get the Moogle Trio. There’s a chance Square Enix may decide to make it available as DLC in exchange for a small fee or for free, but for now, we’re out of luck.

Some bad news then for most people as the Collector’s Edition stock was pretty limited and sold out almost immediately. For more FF7 Rebirth guides, check out whether the game is pencilled in for PC, who is telling the truth at the Swindling Seminar, how to solve the Card Carnival puzzles, and how to upgrade weapons, a crucial part to ensuring the gang is always up for tougher challenges.