Bayonetta Origins Boss Guide: Fomhorach 

Bayonetta Origins Boss Guide: Fomhorach 
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In Bayonetta Origins, Fomhorach is a boss that serves as the guardian of the first elemental core, one of four artifacts needed to complete Cereza’s quest through Avalon forest. These cores are not only essential to story progression, they also grant powerful new forms and abilities for Cheshire. 

Defeating this boss and gaining access to the core is a must, and we’ll show you how with our Bayonetta Origins guide. 

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Bayonetta Origins: Encountering Fomhorach 

Bayonetta Origins Fomhorach encountered with minions

Fomhorach is encountered at the end of Bayonetta Origins chapter 3: The First Elemental Core. When following the White Wolf, Cereza and Cheshire will stumble into the path of Fomhorach and its followers. Cereza and Cheshire will need to defeat this guardian in order to proceed through the forest. 

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Bayonetta Origins: Fomhorach Boss Tips 

Fomhorach defeated by Cheshire

As the first enemy encountered that sports a health bar, Fomhorach will take significantly more beating than the average faerie enemy. Be prepared to lay into them with many powerful blows from Cheshire. 

To make matters worse, Fomhorach will summon minions to harass you and take the heat off of themselves. While dealing with this boss one-on-one would be an easy feat, doing so while being harried by sword swipes and cannon blasts is another matter. 

Deal with the faerie minions first, while luring them away from Fomhorach. Any frontal attacks on the boss will be repelled by his shield, and this can often block attacks aimed at his followers too. 

Use Cheshire to bait the boss’ attention, then activate Cereza’s Thorn Bind to hold Fomhorach temporarily helpless. Use this time to attack as much as possible with Cheshire, and repeat when the boss breaks free of its binding. 

Once his health has been reduced to roughly a quarter, Fomhorach will be susceptible to Cheshire’s Chomp! ability. Activate it to chew up Fomhorach and remove the rest of its health in one crushing blow.