Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Starter Tips 

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Starter Tips 
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Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon brings a new storybook-inspired perspective to the world of Bayonetta. To get started on your journey through young Cereza’s childhood, we’ve put together a few tips that should help you in the game’s early hours. 

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Bayonetta Origins Tips – Doll Or Demon 

Bayonetta Origins Cereza Dances

Very soon after Cheshire first appears in demon form, the monstrous cat will be damaged and revert back into its stuffed doll form. From this point on, you are able to choose when Cheshire is in its doll form or roaming as a full-sized demon.  

It’s best to get used to switching between these modes as soon as possible, as you’ll need both to see Bayonetta Origins through to the end. 

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Bayonetta Origins Tips – Make The Most Of Sanctuaries 

While exploring Bayonetta Origins, you’ll soon come across your first sanctuary. Sanctuaries are much more than simply save points, as they allow you to brew items to upgrade Cereza and Cheshire’s combat performance, unlock new skills and abilities, and much more.  

It’s always worth stopping at a sanctuary and seeing what you can get out of it while making your way through the woods. 

Eventually, you’ll gain the ability to use Sanctuaries as fast-travel points, though this requires a decent amount of progress through Bayonetta Origins’ story.  

Explore Alternate Paths 

Bayonetta Origins propels Cereza and Cheshire through the young Umbra Witch’s quest. But there’s no reason to purely stick to the main path. 

There are many areas of the game that you won’t see without a willingness to explore, not to mention hidden rewards for doing so. If you find yourself stuck on a difficult boss, or simply wish to see more of what this storybook world has to offer, look around and be willing to get lost a little. 

Come Back Later  

While an exploration-hungry player will want to see as much of the world of Bayonetta Origins as possible, it isn’t always accessible at first. There are many secrets and branching paths hidden within this witchy world, and unlocking them requires returning when the right ability has been granted through the story.  

If there are any seemingly inaccessible areas in Bayonetta Origins that catch your eye, chances are you’ll be able to swing by later and open them up. Make a note of these locations and you’ll be able to reap the rewards in due time.