Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – How To Fast Travel 

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – How To Fast Travel 
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Bayonetta Origins features a more explorable world than previous titles in the series, requiring a lot of backtracking to uncover all its secrets. Thankfully, Bayonetta Origins contains a Fast Travel system to cut down on any aimless wandering. We’ll show you how to use it right here. 

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Bayonetta Origins – How to Fast Travel 

Bayonetta Origins Cereza Approaches Sanctuary For Fast Travel

The mainline Bayonetta series has taken its cues from Devil May Cry, with its action broken down into discreet stages, able to be replayed but kept separate from any fully connected gameworld. Bayonetta Origins breaks with this tradition, featuring twisting, explorable paths and metroidvania style gated progression.  

As you progress through Bayonetta Origins, it is highly recommended to keep an eye out for places that are currently unreachable, that you will be able to return to later once enough progress has been made and the requisite skill has been unlocked. 

While it would be maddening to have to trudge all the way back through the world to unlock these new paths and secrets, thankfully Bayonetta Origins has you covered by implementing a fast-travel system. 

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Bayonetta Origins – Sanctuary Speed 

On their journey, Cereza and Cheshire will come across Sanctuaries; places of respite among the dangerous woods. When you are first introduced to Sanctuaries, they will already have a myriad of uses. Saving the game, brewing potions, and leveling up Cereza and Cheshire’s skills are all possible at Sanctuaries. 

Once you have completed enough of Bayonetta Origins’ story, however, Sanctuaries will begin to serve another purpose. It will be possible for you to fast travel between every sanctuary you have already visited in Bayonetta Origins. Doing so will drastically cut down on the time it takes for you to backtrack through the world and uncover the secrets hidden within. 

Fast Travel Unlock 

Fast Travel may take a while to become available in Bayonetta Origins, but thankfully there is plenty of game left when it does. After completing Chapter 5: The Mad Circus, Cereza will gain access to Ignis’ Pathways. This ability allows you to fast travel between each previously visited Sanctuary. And as you continue to find new Sanctuaries, those will be added to the list as well.