Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Combat Tips 

Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon – Combat Tips 
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Bayonetta Origins contains combat unlike any game in the series to date. Focusing on controlling Cereza and the demon Cheshire, fights use both characters’ skills in tandem. We’ll help you quickly get to grips with the game’s combat and assist Cereza in her journey to become a powerful Umbra Witch. 

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Bayonetta Origins Combat: Cats And Casting 

Bayonetta Origins Cheshire Demons Summoned For Combat

While the Bayonetta series is famed for its fluid, spectacle-driven combat, the fights in Bayonetta Origins fall further outside developer Platinum’s wheelhouse. 

In her younger years, Cereza has not yet become the master of magic and wielder of ridiculous weaponry that series fans have come to love. Instead, her umbral magic consists mostly of support skills such as healing and binding foes. The bulk of damage dealt in combat comes through Cheshire, the demon bound as Cereza’s reluctant familiar. 

Controlling both Cereza and Cheshire simultaneously can be headache-inducing at first, but you’ll soon get used to the peculiar rhythm. With the team working together, it’s important not to neglect either of their abilities, as using both in tandem will yield the most effective results in combat. 

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Sanctuary Skills 

Combat in Bayonetta Origins might initially seem like a simple affair. Cheshire’s heavy-hitting swipes and slashes, combined with Cereza’s support magic, will make short work of most early-game enemies. 

But as Bayonetta Origins progresses, bringing in more of the spectacle and showy boss fights that Platinum are well known for, you’ll want to build up your arsenal and take a different approach.  

When visiting Sanctuaries – the safe havens where Cereza can save the game, brew potions, and more – you will be able to invest in improving Cereza and Cheshire’s skills. Collecting as many Avalon Drops and Onyx Roses will allow you to build out Cheshire and Cereza’s abilities, making them a fearsome duo in both combat and exploration.