Is the DualSense Edge controller compatible with Xbox Series X?

Is the DualSense Edge controller compatible with Xbox Series X?
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If you’re wondering if the DualSense Edge controller is compatible with Xbox Series X – you’ll be interested in what we’ve got to say.

The DualSense Edge released on January 26th, and it’s no secret that gamers are excited to see how the DualSense Edge performs in their favorite games. The controller features tunable trigger sensitivity and hot-swappable analog sticks. These are all great features, however the Xbox Series X has a great range of controllers already available to it including the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and the SCUF Instinct Pro.

Despite the DualSense Edge being compatible with PC, it is unfortunately not compatible with the Xbox Series X. This isn’t unsurprising, as PlayStation and Xbox hardware have consistently been incompatible with the other side.

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What alternatives to the DualSense Edge for Xbox Series X are there?

Ultimately, since the PlayStation DualSense Edge controller is not compatible with an Xbox Series X or S, your best options are to seek out alternative Pro controllers. We already had a stab at the best controllers for Modern Warfare 2, and we’ve also had a look for the best cheap Xbox controllers and PS5 controllers.

If you haven’t settled on buying the DualSense Edge controller yet, you may be interested to read about what other options you have. For a start, you have the SCUF Instinct Pro, which is compatible with Xbox Series X and PC. The Instinct Pro is an equally refined Pro controller, with this one actually featuring a fully dynamic trigger switch mechanism. This was a feature that our DualSense Edge review noted as lacking.

Alternatively, you have the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2, which is Microsoft’s official Pro controller. The biggest difference between this and the DualSense Edge is that while PlayStation’s controller features removable analog sticks, the Xbox analog sticks can instead be fine-tuned and calibrated with a tool.

We hope that despite the unfortunate incompatibility, you can still find the best solution to your controller requirements.