Where to buy PlayStation DualSense Edge

Where to buy PlayStation DualSense Edge
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The PlayStation DualSense Edge is now released – find out where to buy below!

Since October 25th, 2022, you can get your orders in and get the edge over the older DualSense. Sony is going all out, pricing the controllers at $199.99, which may look a little pricey, but after considering the dramatically good specs, it becomes more obvious why they are priced as they are.

If you want to get yourself up to speed with everything that’s been released about these controllers, read our article discussing its newest features here. There’s definitely been some exciting developments, mainly that the controller allows gamers full customization which will give serious gamers the edge over games which require careful precision and focus to come out on top, like for Modern Warfare 2 and Overwatch 2.

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller:

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Where to buy PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller?

Now that the PlayStation DualSense Edge has released, you may be interested in finding out where to buy it. Currently, the PlayStation DualSense Edge has only released on PlayStation.com.

The UK site suggests that the controller will be released in other retail stores on February 22nd, so until then PlayStation is your only option!

In the meantime, you might consider reading out PlayStation DualSense Edge review.

Where To Buy The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller:

How to pre order the PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller?

The DualSense Edge wireless controller has been available to pre-order since the 25th October and can be found at PlayStation Direct. Should you still need some convincing on what’s so special about these controllers, check out the official trailer recently released by PlayStation here.

Where To Pre Order The PlayStation DualSense Edge Wireless Controller:

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DualSense Edge Controller price

The DualSense Edge controller costs $199 / £209 / €239.99 which you can see on PlayStation here.

The price reflects the added features that come with the latest controller which are in abundance. We think this makes it a popular choice for serious gamers wanting to boost their gameplay – and it’s true, the DualSense Edge does not mess around.

Where to buy DualSense Edge Controller FAQs

How much will PlayStation DualSense Edge Controller cost?

We can now confirm the DualSense Edge will be available for $199 / £209 / €239.99.

What new features does the Dualsense Edge controller have?

Full of new specs, the DualSense Edge comes with mappable back buttons, adjustable trigger lengths and a USB braided cable with lockable connector housing. Hungry for more details? Read out more in-depth article breaking down the new features here.