Is DualSense Edge compatible with PC?

Is DualSense Edge compatible with PC?
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If you’re wondering is DualSense Edge compatible with PC, we’ve answered that here.

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first Pro controller, and builds on the legacy of the original DualSense controller. While it’s a little costly, we think that it’s a great first attempt at a customizable controller, though we go more in-depth in our review. If you have ended up picking up the DualSense Edge, you might be wondering if you’re going to be able to use it with more than just your PS5.

The original DualSense controller works with PC, which suggests that the DualSense Edge will also work with your PC. While Sony haven’t officially marketed the controller as compatible with PC – we know that the controller runs through Bluetooth or a Wired connection, both of which PCs are capable of using.

After using the controller for a little bit, here’s how we connected it to the PC.

How to connect DualSense Edge to PC

Wired Connection

It’s actually really easy to set up – as you just have to plug in your controller to your PC. This can be done with a regular USB-C to USB-C Cable or a USB-C to USB cable.

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Wireless Connection

Alternatively, you can pair your DualSense Edge to your PC using Bluetooth, which is pretty straightforward. You’ll need to hold down the Share button and PlayStation button to put your controller into pair mode, and from there you can just connect it as you would any other Bluetooth device.

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Which DualSense Edge features are compatible with PC?

The DualSense Edge is compatible with PC, yes. As discussed above, if you follow the above instructions on how to connect the DualSense Edge to your PC, you should be good as gold.

The DualSense Edge has a plethora of features that indicate it’s going to be great for gaming on PC, however we can’t promise full compatibility with features such as the trackpad, which is not natively designed for PC input. However, you should be able to use the rest of the controller’s buttons as intended. In fact, you’re also going to be able to use third-party software to remap the buttons on the controller to alternative configurations.

We think that the DualSense Edge will be one of the best controllers for gaming with, and it already has made it onto our best controller for Modern Warfare 2 list. We’re going to be getting used to the DualSense Edge controller in the future, so expect more content just like this. In the meantime, you might be interested in taking a look at the latest cheap PS5 controller deals.