Is DualSense Edge compatible with PS4?

Is DualSense Edge compatible with PS4?
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If you’re wondering is the DualSense Edge compatible with PS4 – we’re about to get to the bottom of that.

We’ve already had a look at whether the DualSense Edge works on PC and Xbox Series X, so now lets see if it’s compatible with the PS5’s predecessor. The DualSense Edge is a great Pro controller released by PlayStation and is well fed with useful features. If you’re a PS4 gamer, it’s only natural that you’re going to be eyeing up the DualSense Edge as PlayStation haven’t released a Pro controller before.

However, the disappointing news is that the DualSense Edge controller is not backwards compatible with the PS4. Seeing as you can’t use the regular DualSense controller with PS4, it makes sense that the DualSense Edge controller is incompatible too.

Why doesn’t the DualSense Edge work with PS4?

Realistically, it’s unlikely that the PS4 firmware is compatible with the DualSense Edge controller due to the masses of new features which have been included in the controller. Features like haptic feedback and modular analog stick dead-zones are not likely to have been considered when designing the PS4, so the DualSense Edge can’t be used with the console.

We’ve had a look at if you can use the PS4 controller with PS5, and we found out that you can’t use it for PS5 games, only PS4. This is likely so that you enjoy the PS4 and PS5 as they were originally intended, with the original controllers. The same logic applies here for the DualSense Edge controller and PS4.

Alternative pro-controllers for PlayStation

Victrix Pro BFG

If you were thinking about picking up the DualSense Edge controller to use with your PS4 and PS5 – you might alternatively consider the Victrix Pro BFG which releases in February.

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While it hasn’t released yet, so we haven’t been able to get our hands on the controller – it looks extremely promising as it’s fully compatible with PS4 and PS5, is well stacked with similar features to the DualSense Edge, and will cost slightly less.

SCUF Impact Pro

The SCUF Impact Pro is only available for the PS4 and PC, and carries the same form factor as the original DualShock4 controller. It has many of the features that we’d expect from a pro-controller, including adjustable triggers and back paddles.

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Ultimately, if you’re trying to use the DualSense Edge controller with your PS4 – your only option is to seek out alternatives, such as the best controllers for Modern Warfare 2. While it would be nice to use the DualSense Edge with the older generation of hardware, it’s not a realistic dream due to the nature of ever-evolving technology.