Best PS5 faceplates to spice up your console (2024)

Best PS5 faceplates to spice up your console (2024)
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PlayStation has launched a new “Deep Earth Collection” of PS5 console covers, so we thought we’d roundup our favorite designs from third parties including knock offs and affordable alternatives.

Below you’ll find our top recommended faceplates for PS5. We’re taking into account different budgets in needs – whether you’re looking for a design to match your controller skin, your other entertainment devices or just something to protect your PS5 should it topple over.

You can spend anywhere between $30 and $80 on a faceplate for your PS5. PlayStation also has its own line of faceplates, though expect to pay a premium. If you understandably don’t want to shell out more than $50 on aesthetics, you might prefer a dust cover – Marvel’s Spider-Man fans might like this Spider themed dust cover via Amazon. Alternatively, take some inspiration from the Redditer who handpainted their console with acrylic paint rather than shell out on faceplates. Each to their own.

For those who have a PS5 Slim, don’t worry, there are options for you too. Sony has announced the trio of new colorful side plates in Volcanic Red, Sterling Silver, and Cobalt Blue.

Best PS5 cover plates (Disc edition)

If your PS5 isn’t tucked away in your setup, getting a pair of cover plates is great for adding a bit of character. Out of all the third-party brands out there, a good place to start the search yourself is with DBrand. Otherwise, you may want to wait for PlayStation to release all the colors from its Deep Earth Collection. I personally have my eyes on a pair of the Volcanic Red plates direct from PlayStation.

If you’re upgrading your PS5 setup, you might want to consider our Best TV for PS5. We’ve also handpicked Best PS5 pro controller which you could coordinate with your new faceplate – just a thought.

1. Best overall PS5 faceplate

PS5 Faceplate with cooling vent for PS5 Disc Edition

replacement faceplate

Heat Dissipation

Cooling vents on both sides


Impact resistant hard ABS (shockproof and scratch resistant)


Black, Blue, Cosmic Red, Pink, Purple, White and Camo Green

  • Wide variety of colors
  • Fits like a glove
  • Keeps your console cool
  • Significantly reduces noise
  • Pairs with third party horizontal stands
  • Filter mesh cannot be cleaned because they’re adhesive
  • Does not come with dust filters

If you want a faceplate that increases airflow, protects your PS5 and potentially matches your controller, then this faceplate should be up for consideration. Keeping well below the $50 region, this faceplate features a hard ABS plastic shell that is highly durable. Especially if your PS5 setup is in a somewhat precarious position, this protective casing should do a great job while also looking fantastic.

We spotlighted the purple design because it looks as though it would match the purple DualSense controller edition well. Alternatively, there are six other colors to choose from – it’s great to have so much choice.

The brand, Dobewingdelou (a bit of a mouthful), has a great reputation as a third party seller of gaming cases and faceplates too, so you can rest assured knowing this is a good quality product that will fit snuggly around your PS5 case. This particular product has been recognized for its fantastic cooling ability that keeps fans clear from dust. This is especially true during intense gaming sessions.

All in all – most people will probably be satisfied with this faceplate – its wide choice of colors and protective casing ticks the most boxes for people looking for a faceplate.

2. Best budget PS5 faceplate

PoweExtra Pro PS5 Faceplate in Classic Black


Classic Matte Black



  • Sophisticated matte black design
  • Helps make the console look smaller
  • Discrete design
  • Simple installation
  • Vent system could be better designed

It won’t win a prize for aesthetics – but not everybody wants an aggressively colorful PS5 console either. This humble but sophisticated PS5 faceplate costs under $30 – making it one of the cheapest faceplates we’ve seen without compromising on quality.

Once again made from the popular ABS hard shell material, this particular face plate is dustproof, anti-scratch and anti-breakage. The brand also claims its waterproof, though we wouldn’t recommend testing that one out – the stakes are just too high! The protection does look pretty comprehensive though. It measures 15.2 inches tall and 10.53 inches wide, which helps reduce the imposing appearance of the mammoth while console.

Overall, this faceplate comes highly recommended if you’re looking for something low key without breaking the bank.

3. Best RGB PS5 faceplate

SIKEMAY PS5 Console Face Plates and RGB LED Light Strip

SIKEMAY PS5 Console Face Plates


Customizable RGB


Hard ABS


Shockproof and dustproof

  • Easy install
  • Also good for heat dissipation
  • On the pricier side

If you’re moving from a PC to a PS5 and missing those RGB-lit visuals, then these cover plates from Sikemay are for you. It’s loaded with countless RGB lighting combinations and adds a nice vibe to the console. If you’re not a fan of PS5’s low-key, minimalistic aesthetics, the Sikemay PS5 cover plates really are a game-changer. 

The Sikemay PS5 cover plates also feature cooling vents on both covers to increase the airflow inside the chassis of the console. Coupled with the original heatsink of the console itself, these PS5 cover plates really can make a difference and keep the temperatures down.

Moving on, the price of these cover plates is quite reasonable and it really does offer the best bang for the buck. Aside from the performance boost and superior aesthetics, these Sikemay PS5 console faceplates can also make the console stronger, thanks to its shock-proof build. 

And as far as the aesthetics are concerned, aside from the 400+ RGB combinations, you can also select from three different color schemes as well. The Sikemay PS5 cover plates are available in Red, Black, and Galactic Purple. 

All-in-all, the Sikemay PS5 plate covers feature superior quality and can really contribute to the longevity of the console. If you’re thinking about changing the aesthetics of your console, make sure to give Sikemay PS5 plate covers a good look. 

4. Best bundled PS5 faceplate

eXtremeRate eXcover Clown HAHAHA Top Bottom Cover Compatible with PS5

Contents for Console

1 Faceplate, 1 Backplate, 2 stickers, 1 anti-slip sticker and foot pads

Contents for Controller

1 Faceplate shell sets, 1 Bottom shell sets, screwdriver tools and spare tools

  • Console will match contrrolleer
  • Easy installation
  • Not official joker merch
  • Not compatible with the vertical stand

If you’re a big fan of The Joker, then take a look at this faceplate. Available as a bundle with a matching cover for your controller, or separately for $79.99. Like the other recommendations in this guide, these faceplates are made with durable ABS plastic and fits snugly around your PS5.

It’s a bold and eye-catching design, making it perfect for anyone who’s looking for something a little different. The anti-slip rubber stickers and footpads allow the faceplate to stand up on its own without using the vertical stand, though it’s a shame that the vertical stand no longer fits with the console.

We haven’t tried this faceplate ourselves, though there looks like there’s a lots of different parts and screws needed to fit everything in place. Luckily, all that comes provided, so all you need to do before buying is watch a video to make sure you’re taking off the original PS5 plates correctly.

5. Best protective PS5 faceplate

Foamy Lizard StealthPlates

Foamy Lizard StealthPlates

Protective High Strength ABS

  • Great value
  • Attractive design
  • Available for PS5 Digital Edition
  • Only available in black color-way

If you’d like to give your console a retro look without compromising on safety, the Foamy Lizard StealthPlates is sure to be one of the best options on the market. These plates come in two different designs so you can decide which is right for you. 

If you’re keen on maintaining the minimalistic look while increasing the airflow, the one with the honeycomb mesh design would be the ideal choice. But, if you’re looking for something unique and more retro, the one with the star design and matte finish may be more appealing. 

Moving on, the plate covers are featured with cooling vents on both of the plates that play a vital role in cooling the internals of the console. Generally, the heat is dissipated through the heatsink located on the front of the console. However, with the vents on the side, the heat is dissipated quickly, and in all directions. 

Unfortunately, the Foamy Lizard StealthPlates are only available in black. Nevertheless, if you’re a PS-enthusiast, and always appreciated the all-black color scheme of all the previous models, you might just like this option. As far as the price is concerned, it offers great bang for your buck: everything from the quality of the plates to the design is done elegantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve done our best to answer your questions about PS5 faceplates. If you’re after more recommendations, our friends over at PCGuide have picked their favorites too.

Should I put a cover on my PS5?

Cover plates are great for reducing the build-up of dust in your console, and they also allow for a more personalised feel with your console.

How often should I dust my PS5?

If you opt not to use cover plates, you should be dusting your PS5 roughly once every couple of months.

Are PS5 faceplates good?

PlayStation 5 faceplates are useful for protecting your console from bumps and scratches. They’re also a great way to personaslise your console.