PS5 Slim colors – here’s what colors you can get

PS5 Slim colors – here’s what colors you can get
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Sony has announced at CES 2024 a colorful range of sideplates to customise your PS5. Here’s everything you need to know.

Despite the PS5 Slim only being released in November, Sony is getting ready to drop their new PlayStation feature. What we’re talking about here is the dynamic trio of sideplates with new color options known as the Deep Earth Collection. Sony’s side covers will be an all-matte finish from top to bottom in all four cover sections. It differentiates it from the standard white PS5 Slim as there is no longer the contrast of texture in the split between the top and bottom plate.

Sony has hinted at having black sideplates for PS5 Slim, which seem to be a desperate demand from some gamers. The black finish provides a sleek and minimalist aesthetic which, sometimes, you just can’t beat. Stay updated on this page, as any new information on the PS5 Slim color range will be brought to you right here.

New PS5 colors coming

CES 2024 saw the announcement of the new PS5 Slim colors that are big, bold, and bright which is an exciting juxtaposition from the standard white plates. Sony’s PlayStation 5 Slim may only be a few months old but it’s already time to get excited for a new update that should be here soon. For reference, Sony is using colors that can currently be access from the PS5 side cover range.

The new sideplates shown off at CES 2024 will start at $54.99 when they are on sale. Pairing the extra slim PS5 Slim model with these tasty colors, puts Sony’s console in a whole new league of its own. It fits onto desks and TV stands with ease, and now with a lot more style. Take a look at our comparison of the PS5 Slim vs the Xbox Series X to see how two consoles differ in their design.

What are the new PS5 Slim colors?

In terms of the colors, Sony has kept it classic with a blue, silver, and red option. The colors are fairly typical but we have no complaints as they’re done well. With a unique shine that gives the console a premium feel, the new colors allow you to customise your equipment. Customization is important to us as it allows you to enhance your console to meet your needs, whether it’s finding the best controllers for PS5 or best PS5 stand, it all makes a difference.

In addition to the customization, the new trio of colors prevents the inevitable. Well, perhaps, prolongs the inevitable. The PS5 Slim standard color is white which can make it hard to maintain whilst avoiding staining, scratches, and dust build-up. Now, with three rich colors, it takes the pressure off maintaining a perfect white

Now go have fun redesigning your PS5 Slim. If you haven’t got one already, here’s everything you need to know on the PS5 Slim price, and where you can buy the PS5 Slim.

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PS5 Slim colors FAQs

Is there a PS5 Slim in black?

Right now, the PS5 Slim isn’t available in black. Sony have hinted at releasing black sideplates but currently, the standard color is white. If you are after that sleek and stylish finish that the black sideplates provide, it’s easy to find alternatives on Amazon.

When will the PS5 Slim Deep Earth color collection be available?

The new trio of colors for the PS5 Slim that are part of the Deep Earth collection should be available later on in the year. Sony announced the new color range at CES 2024, but have not yet confirmed an exact date for when you can get your hands on them.