Best PS5 controller 2024

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If you’re wondering what the best PS5 controller is on the market, we’re here to help.

The PS5 controller landscape changed last year with the arrival of the DualSense Edge. As Sony’s first-ever customizable controller, it has proved immensely popular with gamers who like to customise and optimise their controller set-up.

While the Edge may rule the roost there are plenty of other brilliant pro controllers out there too, from the likes of Razer, Scruff and Victrix. Each has its own strengths, performance and price that set it apart from the others. That’s where we come in, we’re breaking down our top picks into different categories so you can be sure to find the controller that best suits your specific needs. Let’s get into it.

How we pick the best PS5 pro controller

There are a range of factors to take into account when picking the best PS5 pro controller. The most important ones fit into two main categories: performance and design. For performance, we’ve looked at connectivity speeds for seamless gameplay, as well as battery life and programmable buttons. The exact layout of these buttons and how many there are impact the amount of customisation you have. In terms of button layout, a certain amount of this does come down to performance preference. Battery life is easier to measure with longer clearly being better.

In terms of design, there are a few elements we’ve kept in mind. The most important is ergonomic and comfortable design. A controller can have all the fancy bells and whistles on earth, but if it makes your hands ache it’s no good. Another important factor is build quality – some of these controllers don’t exactly come cheap so you want to ensure they will last you a while.

So let’s jump to it – here are the best PS5 controllers in 2024.

Best controller for PS5 – DualSense Edge

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller

dualsense edge




Standard PlayStation layout, 2 x Function keys, 2 x Interchangeable paddles, 2 x Trigger sensitivity slider


Wireless, Wired


USB-C (Power, data)


Approx 325g

  • Great for FPS games
  • Premium ergonomic comfort
  • Official PlayStation product
  • Very expensive
  • Poorer battery life than original DualSense controller

Sony’s in-house controller, the DualSense Edge has to be one of the finest PS5 controllers on the market. Laden with plenty of features which include remapping the buttons and tailoring them to your personal needs, creating different profiles, and swapping in-between different sticks for the most amazing experience. 

The haptic feedback coupled with the adaptive triggers further enables you to take your gaming skills up a notch. And with the ergonomic grips and textured sticks, you’re guaranteed to have the perfect grip on the controller, even if you have sweaty hands. 

The DualSense Edge comes with a bundle of extra buttons and triggers that you can swap at any time. However, the most elegant feature of the controller is surely its ability to store various profiles. For instance, you can map keys and save them on a separate profile and when you’re playing a different game, you can use the default settings by changing the profile by simply toggling a single button. 

For highly-competitive games such as COD where every fraction of a second matter, you can customize the controller to reduce the travel distance of the triggers to ensure that your shot lands quickly. Similarly, there’s a microphone installed inside the controller as well, making it one of the finest PS5 controllers on the market. 

Of course, there’s a caveat. As far as the price is concerned, it is quite pricey and you will have to spend a decent chunk of money to get your hands on this one. We’re also a little disappointed by the battery life which is actually worse vs the original DualSense controller.

However, the DualSense Edge is indeed a fine choice if you’re on the quest to find the best PS5 controller on the market, checking almost every box. Especially customizability, you can take this even further with the best PS5 cover plates.

Best PS5 controller for Warzone – HexGaming Rival Pro 4

HexGaming Rival Pro 4

HexGaming Rival Pro 4




Remap Keys, Switch Profiles, Interchangeable Thumbsticks





  • Premium feel and build quality
  • Similar battery life to DualSense
  • Comfortable to use
  • Not great for racing games

A fan of Warzone? The HexGaming Rival Pro 4 will ensure that you experience the most realistic experience.

This customized PS5 controller comes with interchangeable keys and allows the player to remap the keys on the go. Everything from the in-game controls to the height of the thumbsticks can be tailored to your personal needs, making it one of the best PS5 controllers on the market.

The rubberized grips of the HexGaming Rival Pro 4 ensure the most perfect grip on the controller. Even if you have sweaty grips, you won’t have to worry much about finding the sweet spot on the controller. Similarly, the tips of the thumbsticks can also be customized for precision and more accurate aim.

The HexGaming Rival Pro 4 comes with three different thumb designs that are meant to enable the true potential of a player. With Concave Regular, Concave Wide, and Doomed rubber thumb designs, players have plenty of options to customize the controller to their personal preferences. 

With a trigger distance of just 1.5mm, you really can land your shots quickly and wreak havoc on the enemy team. Moreover, there are plenty of customizable buttons on the backside of the controller as well. If you’d like to enhance the shooting experience, make sure to map the triggers on the backside as well. 

As for the overall aesthetics, the HexGaming Rival Pro 4 comes in different colours and textures and you have the freedom to purchase the one you fancy the most. All-in-all, it is a pretty decent controller and in case you decide to get your hands on this one, you won’t be disappointed with the purchase.

Best PS5 controller with paddles and back buttons – Scuf Reflex Pro

Scuf Reflex Pro

scuf relfex pro ps5


PS5, Windows 7+, MAC oS, IOS, Android


Remap Keys, Switch Profiles, Adaptive Triggers,


Wired & Wireless



  • Lots of customization options
  • Excellent grip
  • Lightweight
  • Expensive

While it was tempting to opt for Sony’s new DualSense Edge, we’ve gone for the Scuf Reflex Pro which offers an impressive range of customizable options.

Scuf is a household name for third-party controllers for Xbox, Playstation, and PC. Over the years, they’ve managed to build an impressive reputation for offering the finest controllers on the market.

The Scuf Reflex Pro is an excellent choice for those big on FPS games like Warzone, largely thanks to its four remappable paddles found on the rear. Despite these extra paddles, Scuf has avoided dramatically increasing the weight of the controller and is only 20g more than the original PlayStation DualSense controller.

The removable paddles are enhanced with textured thumb grips that are also replaceable. Combined with customizable features like haptic feedback and you’ve got yourself an impressive premium PS5 controller.

Overall, Scuf Reflex Pro offers an impressive build quality and battery life, making it worth every single penny. Pair it with the best gaming headset for PS5 and you’ll have a competitive level gaming set-up.

Factors to consider when buying the best PS5 controller

If you’ve been using the original DualSense controller for a few years now, it’s not uncommon to experience issues with it charging or drifting, meaning it might be time to invest in a new one. A new controller can potentially give you the edge in competitive shooting games, or else mean you have a spare one to play with friends.

If you’re a competitive gamer, a customizable controller is an effective way to gain more control over your gameplay. With the option to swap out joysticks and map your own buttons, expect to have at least a mild advantage over your opponents. Our selection of controllers is also good if you’re looking for greater immersion into your gameplay thanks to haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Frequently asked questions

There are a few questions about PS5 pro controllers that we’re seeing coming up more and more often. We’ve tried to answer a few of the most common ones here.

Why are PS5 controllers so expensive?

If you look at the top PS5 controllers, they all share premium price tags. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of research involved to make sure the controllers are slick and functional. Moreover, controllers are generally a one time purchase, so there’s also potentially a higher margin to make their production profitable.

Should I buy the DualSense Edge?

There’s no skirting around the high price of the DualSense Edge. However, it’s likely worth it if you’re an avid gamer and intend to make it a one time purchase.

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