GPT-5 release window speculation – will there be a new GPT model?

GPT-5 release window speculation – will there be a new GPT model?
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If you’re wondering if there’s going to be a GPT-5, let’s also have a look at what we know so far about a possible ‘GPT-5 release date’.

GPT-4 only launched in mid-March this year, however since then it seems a veritable wave of AI has been taking the internet by storm. Microsoft Copilot is in the works, Midjourney can create AI generated images, there was even speculation that ChatGPT could replace Google Search (although that was quickly debunked.) With that in mind it’s no wonder people are curious about when a potential new GPT could release.

To determine when we could see a GPT-5, it would make sense to find out when the previous iterations of the GPT model were launched. Alongside that, we can also look at the latest news surrounding OpenAI’s development plans – namely their dependence on Nvidia GPUs.

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Will there be a GPT-5?

In a recent interview at MIT, Sam Altman revealed that they are not currently training GPT-5. He also revealed that there was a “more than six-month” pause between finishing training GPT-4 and release. This means that even if we were made aware of a GPT-5 training schedule, it wouldn’t necessarily point us towards an accurate release date as it seems that finishing training does not mean the model is ready for release.

Muddying the water, rumours abound, allegedly from a Morgan Stanley trading research paper. They hint that ChatGPT could be a source of financial and business expansion for Nvidia, who are apparently set to use over 25,000 Nvidia GPUs to train the GPT-5 model. While we haven’t been able to locate the actual research paper to verify this claim, we were made aware of it in a tweet by David Tayar, a growing technology commentator.

However, the tweet was posted before even GPT-4 launched, which has led to some extremely valid questions. For instance, what happened to GPT-4?

Thankfully, Tayar also had a valid answer for this: “GPT-3, a version of the model that ChatGPT is based on, was trained years ago. GPT-4 training was also completed some time ago.”

While this isn’t confirmed by OpenAI, it does seem to corroborate the sentiment expressed by Altman that there was a gap between finishing training and release for GPT-4. This all combines to make us believe it is unlikely that we will see a GPT-5 any time soon as at least both the training and post-training process have yet to commence.

Tech leaders demand a halt to giant AI development, including GPT-5

Very recently, the tech leaders of the world called for a halt to the development of AI’s more powerful than GPT-4, including GPT-5.

The biggest names in the tech world, including Apple’s Steve Wozniak, Twitter’s Elon Musk, and politician Andrew Yang, have called for the pause of AI development. Certain fears and worries that generative AI is going to become too powerful for us to understand and handle have prompted this ‘open letter.’

What does this mean for a GPT-5 release date?

The open letter follows on from growing interest in GPT-5, particularly in how it could potentially change everything following on from the alleged completion of its training this year. This is a claim staked by Siqi Chen, a tech influencer, though there is little substance to this claim.

So, is there a GPT-5 release date?

At the moment, a release date for GPT-5 is purely speculative.

While the recent news that Nvidia’s stocks have begun to soar due to their role in AI, alongside OpenAI’s recent growth, are sure to suggest that they don’t plan to slow down in this so-called AI arms race, Altman himself has confirmed that GPT-5 has not begun training and “won’t for some time”.

There’s no evidence just yet to suggest an exact date, but we will hedge our bets that it is coming. And when it does, AI will likely see a huge paradigm shift once again. With all the recent rumour and speculation about future AI models, and Altman’s own claims that GPT-5 still has much to get through in the training process we’re going to hedge out bets and say that we feel it is unlikely we could see GPT-5 before 2024. But who knows? Time will surely tell.

We’re going to be keeping an eye on this and will update the page regularly as new information comes in so make sure to check back in periodically to stay up to date.

Frequently Asked Questions

With such an important topic we know many people have question that they want answers to. We’ve done our best here to answer your most pressing questions with what we know so far.

Is GPT-5 coming?

We don’t know if and when GPT-5 is coming, and we likely will hear nothing about it until its launched. This is typical of OpenAI’s recent releases.

What is the latest version of GPT?

The latest version of GPT is GPT-4, which has slowly been drip-fed into technology around the world.