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What is voice control for ChatGPT?

Voice Control for ChatGPT
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It’s looking like full steam ahead for OpenAI’s famous chatbot, so now we want to know, what is voice control for ChatGPT?

By now, most of us are well acquainted with ChatGPT. Users with access around the world been a mixture of amused and frightened by the chatbot’s ability to simulate human language. The latest update available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers has brought a more creative and reliable chatbot that can ‘read’ and create its own images.

We’re definitely having trouble keeping up, especially now that there is the prospect of voice control for ChatGPT. If you’re familiar with Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant, then you know how handy a voice assistant can be.

Well, hopefully, you’ll be pleased to know that ChatGPT can now join Alexa and co with a voice of its own. The feature is available via a Google Chrome extension, or else the more tech savvy among us can do the programming themselves (or ask ChatGPT to do it for them).

What is Talk-to-ChatGPT on Google Chrome and how do I download it?

Talk-to-ChatGPT allows you to have voice conversations with ChatGPT from OpenAI in Chrome. It’s currently free to download and use from the Chrome store, meaning anyone who has an account with OpenAI can use it.


It uses a simple Java-script code and is open source that will only execute instructions when you’re on ChatGPT and clears when you navigate away.

It supports different languages too, opening doors if you’re one of the many people learning a new language with ChatGPT.

To start talking to ChatGPT, simply download the extension by following this link. You’ll be taken to the Chrome store where you can add Talk-to-ChatGPT as an extension.

Then, reload Chatgpt, and the extension should appear below where the text input bar.

Screenshot of ChatGPT with Talk-to-ChatGPT chrome extension added. It shows a microphone symbol at the bottom below the text bar where you can record your voice to ChatGPT.

And voila! Now you can chat with ChatGPT with your voice.

Frequently asked questions

Can ChatGPT support voice input?

Yes, you can download a free Chrome extension that allows you to voice input to ChatGPT.

 Is there an official OpenAI-provided Chrome extension for ChatGPT?

No, OpenAI has not yet made a Chrome extension for ChatGPT, though this might change in the future.